Documents from 1987

The He II 4686-A and H-alpha emission lines of Cygnus X-1, Zoran Ninkov, Gordon Walker, and Stephenson Yang

The Primary orbit and the absorption-lines of HDE-226868 (Cygnus X-1), Zoran Ninkov, Gordon Walker, and Stephenson Yang

Accurate spectral estimation from unequally spaced samples of exponentially damped sinusoidal signals, Tapan Sarkar, Huanqun Chen, and Sohail Dianat

Documents from 1986

Adaptive spectral estimation by the conjugate-gradient method, Huanqun Chen, Tapan Sarkar, and Sohail Dianat

Principles of peripheral photography, Andrew Davidhazy

Two for the price of one with Polaroid films, Andrew Davidhazy

Finding simple t-designs by using basis reduction, Donald Kreher and Stanislaw Radziszowski

The Existence of simple 6-(14,7,4) designs, Donald Kreher and Stanislaw Radziszowski

A Novel technique to the solution of transient electromagnetic scattering from thin wires, Sadasiva Rao, Tapan Sarkar, and Sohail Dianat

Documents from 1985

Action infrared photography, Andrew Davidhazy

Deconvolution of impulse response from time-limited input and output: theory and experiment, Tapan Sarkar, Fung Tseng, and Sadasiva Rao

A Geometric Description of Orthogonal Contrasts in One-Way Analysis of Variance, Harry Schey

Developmentally regulated alternate modes of expression of the Gdph locus of Drosophilia, Gary Skuse and David Sullivan

Documents from 1984

Application of the Radon transform to optical production of the Wigner distribution function, Roger Easton, Anthony Ticknor, and Harrison Barrett

Anaerobic iron uptake by Escherichia coli., Jeffrey Lodge and T. Emery

The Application of the conjugate-gradient method to the solution of transient electromagnetic scattering from thin wires, Sadasiva Rao, Tapan Sarkar, and Sohail Dianat

Long repair replication patches are produced by the short-patch pathway in a uvrD252 (recL152) mutant of Escherichia coli K-12., Robert Rothman and B. Fried

A Discussion of various approaches to the linear-system identification problem, Tapan Sarkar, Sohail Dianat, and Donald Weiner

Action zone theory and the hearing-impaired student in the mainstreamed classroom, Rosemary Saur, Mary Jane Popp, and Morton Isaacs

High-speed processing of two-dimensional data via the Radon transform, Anthony Ticknor, Roger Easton, and Harrison Barrett

Documents from 1983

Clinical assessment of a radioimmunoassay for free thyroxine using a modified tracer, Daniel Chan, John Waud, and T. Hsu

Meaning of serum free-thyroxin values in nonthyroidal illnesses: seven methods compared, Daniel Chan, John Waud, and Eleanor Taylor

Synchroballistic photography on a shoestring, Andrew Davidhazy

Control of arterial pressure in aquatic sea snakes, H. Lillywhite and F. Harvey Pough

Explicit PL self-knottings and the structure of PL homotopy complex projective spaces, Douglas Meadows

Cultural arts among deaf people, Robert Panara

Behavioral modification of evaporative water loss by a Puerto Rican frog, F. Harvey Pough, Theodore Taigen, and Margaret Stewart

Teoria de los algoritmos en paralelo y su aplicacion para la evaluacion de la maqina ahr, Stanislaw Radziszowski

Prey preference, foraging behavior, and metabolic characteristics of frogs, Theodore Taigen and F. Harvey Pough

Clinical evaluation of two direct procedures for free thyroxin, and of free thyroxin index determined nonisotopically and by measuring thyroxin-binding globulin, John Waud, Daniel Chan, and Helen Drew

Documents from 1982

Accelerated aging of paper - the influence of acidity on the relative contribution of oxygen-independent and oxygen-dependent processes, Jonathan Arney and Carol Novak

Making waves in color - a basic color Schlieren system, Andrew Davidhazy

Teacher structuring and student learning style as achievement predictors, Samuel Haskell and Morton Isaacs

CCD photometry of Markarian 421 and 501, Paul Hickson, Gregory Fahlman, and Jason Auman

A New absorber heat recovery cycle to improve COP of aqua-ammonia absorption refrigeration system, Satish Kandlikar

Ferrisiderophore reductase activity in Agrobacterium tumefaciens., Jeffrey Lodge, C. Gaines, and J. Arceneaux

Heme inhibition of ferrisiderophore reductase in Bacillus subtilis, Jeffrey Lodge, C. Gaines, and J. Arceneaux

Chemical hyperthyroidism: serum triiodothyronine levels in clinically euthyroid individuals treated with levothyroxine, D. Salmon, M. Rendell, and J. Williams

Impulse response determination in the time domain-Theory, Tapan Sarkar, Donald Weiner, and Vijay Jain

Teflon chemostat for studies of trace metal metabolism in Streptococcus mutans and other bacteria., R. Strachan, H. Aranha, and Jeffrey Lodge

The preoperative treatment of severely anemic patients with a perfluorochemical oxygen-transport fluid, Fluosol-DA, K. Tremper, Alan Friedman, and E. Levine

Documents from 1981

Predation by giant crab spiders on the Puerto Rican frog, Eleutherodactylus coqui, D. Formanowicz Jr., Margaret Stewart, and K. Townsend

Stability of time-delay systems, T. Lee and Sohail Dianat

Ferrisiderophore reductase activity associated with an aromatic biosynthetic enzyme complex in Bacillus subtilis., Jeffrey Lodge, C. Gaines, and J. Arceneaux

Documents from 1980

Newsprint deterioration - influence of temperature on the relative contribution of oxygen-indpendent and oxygen-dependent processes in the total rate, Jonathan Arney and A. Jacobs

Correlation of serum, tumor, and liver serum glycoprotein: N-acetylneuraminic acid transferase activity with growth of the R3230AC mammary tumor in rats and relationship of the serum activity to tumor burden, Irene Evans, R. Hilf, and M. Murphy

Bounded alternation, Stanislaw Radziszowski

Dimer excision in Escherichia coli in the presence of caffeine., Robert Rothman

Documents from 1979

Accelerated aging of paper - relative importance of atmospheric oxidation, Jonathan Arney and A. Jacobs

Effect of blocking protein synthesis at nonpermissive temperatures on temperature-sensitive deoxyribonucleic acid mutants of Escherichia coli, Irene Evans, N. Forrest, and A. Lawrence

College students' expectations of the results of drinking, Morton Isaacs

Patterns of drinking among the deaf, Morton Isaacs, Gerard Buckley, and Donna Martin

Distribution of flurescent latex particles following clearance from the hemolymph of the freshwater crayfish,Orconectes virilis (Hagen), Douglas Merrill, S. Mongeon, and S. Fisher

Documents from 1978

Streak, strip and scanning photographic systems - an overview of historical and current technologies, Andrew Davidhazy

Relaxation methods for image reconstruction, Gabor Herman, Arnold Lent, and Peter Lutz

Assessment of regional myocardial blood flow and regional fractional oxygen extraction in dogs, using 15O-water and 15O-hemoglobin, J. Anthony Parker, George Beller, and Bernard Hoop

Review of Biology of the Reptilia, Volume 5, Physiology A by Carl Gans, William R. Dawson, F. Harvey Pough

The Ecology and burrowing behavior of the Chihuahuan fringe-footed lizard, Uma exsul, F. Harvey Pough, David Morafka, and Peter Hillman

Logic and complexity of synchronous parallel computations, Stanislaw Radziszowski

Dimer excision and repair replication patch size in recL152 mutant of Escherichia coli K-12., Robert Rothman

Documents from 1977

Glycosyltransferase activity in developing sea-urchin embryos, Irene Evans and H. Bruce Bosmann

Stereotyping by children of the effects of drinking on adults, Morton Isaacs

Predicting the thermodynamic properties of superheated vapor mixtures of R-22 and R-12, Satish Kandlikar

Analysis of the role of recombination and repair in mutagenesis of Escherichia coli by UV irradiation, Takesi Kato, Robert Rothman, and Alvin Clark

Predation by birds on great southern white butterflies as a function of palatability, sex, and habitat, F. Harvey Pough and Lincoln Brower

Video detection and tracking of tracer particles in a model packed-bed reactor, Jerry Stephenson, James Wiedenhoeft, and James Vallino

Guarded hot plate method for determination of thermal conductivity of thermal insulation materials, S. Sukhatme and Satish Kandlikar

Documents from 1976

A protein factor required for activation of phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase by ferrous ions, Larry Bentle, Roy Snoke, and Henry Lardy

The Deaf in America: two hundred years of progress, Robert Panara

Multiple cryptic effects of crossbanded and ringed patterns of snakes, F. Harvey Pough

Documents from 1975

SIGNUM a spectrum of mathematical software considerations, David Cochran, M. Gordan, and Michael Minkoff

Accumulation of the capacity of initiation of deoxyribonucleic acid replication in Escherichia coli, Irene Evans and Helen Eberle

Increased temperature resistance produced by ionizing radiation in the newt Notophthalmus v. viridescens, Martin Feder and F. Harvey Pough

Iterative relaxation methods for image reconstruction, Herman Gabor, Arnold Lent, and Peter Lutz

PSI as a supplement to college classroom lecture instruction, Morton Isaacs and Gerard Buckley

Predicting the properties of mixtures of R22 and R12 part II - Transport properties, Satish Kandlikar, C. Bijlani, and S. Sukhatme

Predicting the properties of mixtures of R22 and R12 part I - Thermodynamic properties, Satish Kandlikar, C. Bijlani, and S. Sukhatme

Documents from 1974

Stereotyping of the deaf student and Klineberg's "kernal of truth" hypothesis, Morton Isaacs

Documents from 1973

A Rational approach to technical sign construction, Morton Isaacs

Attitudes toward the college deaf student: stereotype or "kernel of truth"?, Morton Isaacs

Precision teaching of the deaf, Morton Isaacs

Lizard energetics and diet, F. Harvey Pough

Documents from 1972

Deaf characters in fiction and drama, Robert Panara

Documents from 1970

The Deaf writer in America from colonial times to 1970, Robert Panara

The Burrowing ecology of the sand lizard, Uma notata, F. Harvey Pough

Documents from 1969

Short pulse response of radar targets, C. Leonard Bennett and Joseph DeLorenzo

Photographic demonstration of surface and interior conditions of an unevenly heated liquid, Andrew Davidhazy

Documents from 1968

The Systematic status of painted turtles (Chrysemys) in the northeastern United States, F. Harvey Pough and Margaret Pough

Documents from 1966

A Study of the mechanism of sea surface scattering, Joseph DeLorenzo

Response of a linear FM matched filter to gated noise, Joseph DeLorenzo and J. DiFranco

Documents from 1963

Making a streak camera, Andrew Davidhazy

Real-time measurement and correction of phase distortion in high-fidelity radars, Joseph DeLorenzo, D. DeAngelis, and P. Rademachev

Documents from 1962

Starch-Gel Electrophoresis of Transferrins, Esterases and Other Plasma Proteins of Hybrids between Two Subspecies of Whiptail Lizard (Genus Cnemidophorus), Herbert Dessauer, Wade Fox, and F. Harvey Pough

Documents from 1905

Faculty Scholarship Report, James Myers