Because of the increased demand for fresh greens presented in an accessible format, the demand for a new packaging technology to extend shelf life has also increased. Micro perforation is a packaging system that allows rapidly modifying headspace gases under refrigerated storage. Previous research has demonstrated that the pattern in which the perforations are aligned in the film affects the gas exchange modification of the package headspace gases. A rapid modification of the headspace gases of the product in the package must be achieved in order to guarantee extended shelf life. Several patterns of micro-perforation location and density have been investigated utilizing films made of oriented polypropylene (OPP) and oriented polypropylene laminated with low-density polyethylene (OPP/LDPE). Headspace composition and physicochemical analysis were evaluated for Spring Mix packed in 6 different pouches, each with a different pattern of its micro-perforation. The samples will be tested until its determined that their integrity has been compromised. The samples remained stored at five °C. After analyzing the data, it was determined that pattern #6 and control showed the best shelf life qualities of the product, which is why it will be furthermore studied with spinach.

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Salad greens--Packaging; Plastics in packaging; Food--Storage; Food security

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