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Aims & Scope

This journal seeks to focus on the design and development of humanities specific content for interactive design, games, art, performance and digital technology. Submission of articles, reviews and creative works from academics and practitioners is encouraged.

  • Inclusive of:
    • Researchers/academics in disciplinary and interdisciplinary fields: museum studies, history, English, anthropology, performing arts, art history and etc.
    • Curators
    • Educators
    • Exhibition Designers
    • Museum IT personnel
    • Serious game researchers
    • Public historians
    • Practitioners of the Digital Humanities
    • Artists, game designers, and creative writers
    • Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary projects/ presentations/papers
    • Performance art and interactive narratives
    • Notes from the Field: use of case studies and letters from practitioners

    Articles may explore themes that relate to current digital humanities issues for example:

  • What does it mean to interact with humanities content?
  • How can interactive media contribute to humanities scholarship and outreach?
  • How do we create or analyze humanities focused interactive media?
  • What can humanities content contribute to the development of interactive media and games?
  • How can interactive humanities add to the classroom experience?

  • Original works such as performance art, games or interactive narratives should include a paragraph or introductory text highlighting the humanities issues explored by the work.