JASET Associate Editors (as of March 09 2016)

Marcos Esterman, Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering
Industrial and Systems Engineering Department, RIT.
Research Areas:  Systems Engineering, Structured Product Development, sustainable printing and printing as a manufacturing process.

Benjamin Varela, Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Department, RIT.
Research areas: Solid mechanics, non-traditional materials, geopolymers, manufacturing and remanufacturing.

Spencer Kim, Ph.D.
Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering Technology Department, RIT.
Research Areas: Biodegradable plastics, Composite materials (biodegradable blended), Recycling plastics, Engineering materials, and Failure analysis.

Carol J Romanowski, Ph.D.
Department of Computer Science, RIT.
Research Areas: Computer Security.

Jennifer L. Schneider, D.Sc.
Department of Civil Engineering Technology, Environmental Management & Safety, RIT.
Research Areas: Expertise: Hazardous Materials Exposure Assessment; Critical Infrastructure; Corporate Sustainability Metrics.

Jyhwen Wang, Ph.D.
Department of Engineering Technology and Industrial Distribution, Texas A&M.
Research Areas: Manufacturing science and engineering with focus in the area of material deformation processes, Mechanical design, and Material processing technology.

Wei Zhan, D.Sc.
Department of Engineering Technology & Industrial Distribution, Texas A&M.
Research Interests:  Dynamical control systems design/modeling/analysis/simulation, Nonlinear control, Adaptive control, Robust design, System engineering, Optimization, System identification, Model-based industrial control problems, Robot dynamics and control, Vehicle systems, testing and validation, Quality control, Process control, and Wireless communication.

José M. García, Ph.D.
School of Engineering Technology, Purdue University.
Research Interests Robotics, Tribology, and Fluid Power.