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Catsup and tomato sauce products currently are one of the most popular and commercially available table sauces particularly consumed by young people and families around the world in recent decades. In this study colorimetric properties of catsup sauce samples including L*, a* and b* values in different packaging materials including PP, PE, PET, Glass and Sachet have been investigated during and after 180 days storage time at 22̊ C (environmental temperature). Hunter Lab system has been used to evaluate the color values of sauce samples. According to obtained results of experimental measurements and sensory evaluations, PP and PE packaging materials affected significantly color properties of catsup sauce samples during and after the storage time that it because of interaction between packaging material and lycopene components in catsup sauce samples. Finally, According to consumer prefers to darker tomato and catsup sauce products, PP and PE are not suitable for packaging of catsup sauce production.