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To identify the suitable paper quality for packaging structures is an element process in the packaging industry. Though the testing of paper based packaging has got difficulty. The testing methods such as CCT, RCT, FCT, COBB, bursting etc. are supported by statistical technique and do not provide accurate results. The reason is the deviation of testing results. The same problem can be defined at the classification of different paper materials and qualities. This paper describes a new possible testing method to analyze the chemical and thermo-analytical nature of papers. This method can be used to specify effectively the limits of a given paper quality using in packaging industry and can help to ensure the exact traceability of paper identification. The results show that the this method on the one hand can be helpful to testing the paper during packaging producing process on the other hand after using as a packaging. To the testing a DSC measurement device was used as a thermo-analytical method to observe new specifics of paper based packaging.