Documents from 2011


When is a Difference Really Different? Learners' Discrimination of Linguistic Contrasts in American Sign Language, Joseph Bochner, Karen Christie, and Peter Hauser

Documents from 2009


Is visual selective attention in deaf individuals enhanced or deficient? The Case of useful field of view, Matthew Dye, Peter Hauser, and Daphne Bavelier

Documents from 2008

the Deaf Professional-Designated Interpreter Model, Angela Hauser and Peter Hauser

Documents from 2007


Outcomes for graduates of baccalaureate interpreter preparation programs specializing in interpreting in K-12th grade settings, Carol Patrie and Marty Taylor

Documents from 2005


American families in crisis, Julie Cammeron


Educational Interpreting: Access and Outcomes, Marc Marschark, Patricia Sapere, Carol Convertino, and Rosemarie Seewagen

Documents from 2001


The use of ASL in teaching reading and writing: classroom issues and strategies, Pamela Conley

Documents from 2000


American Sign Language video dictionary and inflection guide, Poor Geoffrey

Documents from 1983

Cultural arts among deaf people, Robert Panara