Documents from 2007

Model Atmospheres for Irradiated Giant Stars: Implications for the Galactic Center, Raul Jiminez, Juliana Silva, S. Peng Oh, Uffe G. Jørgensen, and David Merritt

The ACS Fornax Cluster Survey. I. Introduction to the Survey and Data Reduction Procedures, Andrés Jordán, John P. Blakeslee, Patrick Côté, Laura Ferrarese, Leopoldo Infante, Simona Mei, David Merritt, Eric W. Peng, John L. Tonry, and Michael J. West

The ACS Virgo Cluster Survey XII: The Luminosity Function of Globular Clusters in Early Type Galaxies, Andrés Jordán, Dean McLaughlin, Patrick Côté, Laura Ferrarese, Eric W. Peng, Simona Mei, Daniela Villegas, David Merritt, John L. Tonry, and Michael J. West

Parallel Java: A Unified API for Shared Memory and Cluster Parallel Programming in 100% Java, Alan Kaminsky

Black-Hole Puncture Initial Data with Realistic Gravitational Wave Content, Bernard J. Kelly, Wolfgang Tichy, Manuela Campanelli, and B. F. Whiting

ERP systems facilitating XBRL reporting and regulatory compliance, Phillip Kloeden

Quasi-Local Linear Momentum in Black-Hole Binaries, Badri Krishnan, Carlos O. Lousto, and Yosef Zlochower

Self-portrait as the allegory of painting (La Pittura), Maureen Lester and Tina Lent

An Automatic Statistical Segmentation Algorithm for Extraction of Fire and Smoke Regions, Ying Li, Anthony Vodacek, and Yushan Zhu

Wireless Video Telephony Performance Enhancements: Towards Applied Network Engineering Approach, Justin Madigan and Fei Hu

Hearing on "Practices of the Credit Card Industry", Robert D. Manning

The ACS Virgo Cluster Survey. XIII. SBF Distance Catalog and the Three-Dimensional Structure of the Virgo Cluster, Simona Mei, John P. Blakeslee, Patrick Côté, John L. Tonry, Michael J. West, Laura Ferrarese, Andrés Jordán, Eric W. Peng, André Anthony, and David Merritt

Collisionally Regenerated Dark Matter Structures in Galactic Nuclei, David Merritt, Stefan Harfst, and Bertone Gianfranco

Long-term evolution of Massive Black Hole Binaries. III. Binary Evolution in Collisional Nuclei, David Merritt, Seppo Mikkola, and Andras Szell

Second-Order Quasinormal Mode of the Schwarzschild Black Hole, Hiroyuki Nakano and Kunihito Ioka

The Case for a more rigorous approach to teaching spreadsheet and database applications, M. Pamela Neely and Thoms Pray

The Black Hole Mass of NGC 4151: Comparison of Reverberation Mapping and Stellar Dynamical Measurements, Christopher A. Onken, Monica Valluri, Bradley M. Peterson, David Merritt, and et al.

Automated Extraction of Fire Line Parameters from Multispectral Infrared Images, Ambrose Ononye, Anthony Vodacek, and Eli Saber

Supermassive Black Holes in the Sbc Spiral Galaxies NGC 3310, NGC 4303 and NGC 4258, Guia Pastorini, Alessandro Marconi, Alessandro Capetti, David J. Axon, Daniel Batcheldor, and et al.

Application of soft computing techniques to estimate the effective Young's Modulus of thin film materials, Ajay Pasupuleti and Ferat Sahin

Alcohol and Drug Use during Pregnancy, Bruce Pemberton

On the most wanted Folkman graph, Stanislaw Radziszowski and Xu Xiaodong

Multimodal display techniques with application to breast imaging, Kimberly Rafferty, Karl Baum, Evan Schimdt, Andrzej Krol, and Maria Helguera

I'm deaf, but let's talk recovery, Timothy S.

Nuclear Spirals as Feeding Channels to the Supermassive Black Hole: The Case of the Galaxy NGC 6951, Thaisa Storchi-Bergmann, Oli L. Dors, Rogemar A. Riffel, Kambiz Fathi, David J. Axon, Andew Robinson, Alessandro Marconi, and Göran Östlin

Using Off-campus Student-designed Experiments to Aid in Student Learning, George Sutherland

The Heating Mechanism for the Warm/Cool Dust in Powerful, Radio-loud Active Galactic Nuclei, Clive Tadhunter, D. Dicken, J. Holt, K. Inskip, R. Morganti, David J. Axon, C. Buchanan, R. González Delgado, P. Barthel, and I. van Bemmel

Thin-Film Evolution Equation for a Strained Solid Film on a Deformable Substrate: Numerical Steady States, Wondimu T. Tekalign and Brian J. Spencer

Heller on the ancients, Katie Terezakis

An Analysis of the Determinants of MIS Faculty Salary Offers, Thomas Tribunella, M. Pamela Neely, and Clyde Eiríkur Hull

Teaching professional selling: A Relationship building process, Philip Tyler and Neil Hair

Decision theoretic agent design for personal rapid transit systems, Iheanyi Umez-Eronini and Ferat Sahin

Consequences of Triaxiality for Gravitational Wave Recoil of Black Holes, Alessandro Vicari, Roberto Capuzzo-Dolcetta, and David Merritt

Internet protocol television (IPTV): The Killer application for the next-generation internet, Yang Xiao, Xiaojiang Du, and Jingyuan Zhang

Secure Communications with an Asymptotic Secrecy Model, Bo Yuan

Documents from 2006

Lossless Compression of Color Palette Images with One-Dimensional Techniques, Ziya Arnavut and Ferat Sahin

Analysis of paper gloss, Jonathan Arney, Ling Ye, and Jiff Wible

Geometry of Minimal Flows, William Basener

Transverse Disks, Symbolic Dynamics, Homology Direction Bectors, and Thurston-Nielson Theory, William Basener

Twisted Solenoids and Maps of R2 Whose Minimal Sets are Cantor Sets, William Basener and Carl V. Lutzer

A Stackelberg Game Model of Trade in Renewable Resources with Competitive Sellers, Amitrajeet A. Batabyal and Hamid Beladi

Efficient merger of Binary Supermassive Black Holes in Non-Axisymmetric Galaxies, Peter Berczik, David Merritt, Rainer Spurzem, and Hans-Peter Bischof

There is No 2-(22,8,4) Block Design, Richard Bilous, Clement W.H. Lam, Larry H. Thiel, Ben P.C. Li, G.H. John van Rees, Stanislaw P. Radziszowski, Wolfgang H. Holzmann, and Hadi Kharaghani

Computing the Folkman number F_v(2,2,3;4), Jonathan Coles and Stanislaw Radziszowski

The ACS Virgo Cluster Survey. VIII. the Nuclei of Early-Type Galaxies, Patrick Côté, Slawomir Piatek, Laura Ferrarese, Andrés Jordán, David Merritt, Eric W. Peng, Monica Haşegan, John P. Blakeslee, Simona Mei, Michael J. West, Miloš Milosavljević, and John L. Tonry

A different approach to panoramic photography, Andrew Davidhazy

An overview of high speed photographic imaging, Andrew Davidhazy

Applications of slow and fast streak recording cameras, Andrew Davidhazy

A special effects photography course in the School of Photographic Arts and Sciences at RIT, Andrew Davidhazy

Basics of strip enlargers, Andrew Davidhazy

Basics of strip photography, Andrew Davidhazy

Bracket for strip photography, Andrew Davidhazy

Calibrating your shutters, Andrew Davidhazy

Calibrating your shutters with TV set and turntable. , Andrew Davidhazy

Camera for photofinish photography at racetracks, Andrew Davidhazy

Demonstration quality scanning digital camera, Andrew Davidhazy

Improved rewound film retriever, Andrew Davidhazy

Infrared photography examples, Andrew Davidhazy

Instant strip photography, Andrew Davidhazy

Introduction to shadowgraph and schlieren imaging, Andrew Davidhazy

Making an improvised infrared transmitting filter, Andrew Davidhazy

Peripheral portrait photography with improvised digital strip camera, Andrew Davidhazy

Photographic scanning, or "strip" photography, with a Polaroid camera, Andrew Davidhazy

Photographing barnswallows in free flight, Andrew Davidhazy

Photographing wasps in free flight, Andrew Davidhazy

Photoinstrumentation on the range: A Laboratory simulation for postsecondary education, Andrew Davidhazy

Polaroid Type 667 and an alternative Sabattier technique, Andrew Davidhazy

Principles of technical photography and photoinstrumentation, Andrew Davidhazy

Slit-scan photography, Andrew Davidhazy

...Some ideas related to playing with a couple of mirrors, Andrew Davidhazy

Synchroballistic photography, Andrew Davidhazy

Tailflash synchronizers for action photography, Andrew Davidhazy

The making of a "new" multipurpose stereo camera, Andrew Davidhazy

Ultraviolet and infrared photography summarized, Andrew Davidhazy

Undercover 35, Andrew Davidhazy

XBRL in the Accounting Curriculum: A Survey of AIS Faculty, Ashutosh Deshmukh, Khondkar Karim, Jeffrey Romine, and Robert W. Rutledge

Quit the sticks in 2006, Wendy DiMatteo

TASS Mark IV Photometric Survey of the Northern Sky, Thomas Droege, Michael Richmond, Michael Sallman, and Robert P. Creager

Deaf people and World War II, Patricia Durr

De'VIA: Investigating deaf visual art, Patricia Durr

Streaming Motions toward the Supermassive Black Hole in NGC 1097, Kambiz Fathi, Thaisa Storchi-Bergmann, Rogemar A. Riffel, Claudia Winge, David J. Axon, Andew Robinson, and Alessandro Marconi

A Fundamental Relation between Compact Stellar Nuclei, Supermassive Black Holes, and Their Host Galaxies, Laura Ferrarese, Patrick Côté, Elena Dalla Bontà, David Merritt, and et al.

The ACS Virgo Cluster Survey. VI. Isophotal Analysis and the Structure of Early-Type Galaxies, Laura Ferrarese, Patrick Côté, Andrés Jordán, Eric W. Peng, John P. Blakeslee, Slawomir Piatek, Simona Mei, David Merritt, Miloš Milosavljević, John L. Tonry, and Michael J. West

Preparation of technical reports, Ronald Francis

A Survey of Kiloparsec-Scale Radio Outflows in Radio-Quiet Active Galactic Nuclei, Jack F. Gallimore, David Axon, Christopher P. O'Dea, Stefi A. Baum, and Alan Pedlar

X-Rays from HH210 in the Orion Nebula, Nicolas Grosso, Eric D. Feigelson, Konstantin Getman, Joel H. Kastner, J. Bally, and M. J. McCaughrean

The Complexity of Computing the Size of an Interval, Lane A. Hemaspaandra, Christopher M. Homan, Sven Kosub, and Klaus W. Wagner

Digital entrepreneurship, Clyde Hull, Yu-Ting Hung, and Neil Hair

Trends in the Globular Cluster Luminosity Function of Early-Type Galaxies, Andrés Jordán, Dean E. McLaughlin, Patrick Côté, David Merritt, and et al.

V1647 Orionis: The X-Ray Evolution of a Pre-Main-Sequence Accretion Burst, Joel Kastner, Michael Richmond, Nicolas Grosso, David A. Weintraub, Theodore Simon, Arne Henden, Kenji Hamaguchi, and Hideki Ozawa

XBRL Cost-benefit analysis: In Theory and application, Phillip Kloeden

XBRL: Origins, implementation and acceptance, Phillip Kloeden

Massive Star Formation in the Central Regions of Spiral Galaxies, Johan H. Knapen, Lisa M. Mazzuca, Torsten Böker, I. Shlosman, L. Colina, F. Combes, and David J. Axon

Minimal Rankings and the A-Rank Number of a Path, Victor Kostyuk, Darren Narayan, and Victoria Shults

HI Absorption in 3C 49 and 3C 268.3. Probing the Environment of Compact Steep Spectrum and GHz Peaked Spectrum Sources, Alvaro Labiano, Rene C. Vermeulen, Peter D. Barthel, Christopher P. O'Dea, J. F. Gallimore, Stefi A. Baum, and W. de Vries

The application of the TALC model: a literature survey, Rick Lagiewski

Implementation of image processing approach to translation of ASL finger-spelling to digital text, Divya Mandloi, Kanthi Sarella, and Chance Glenn

The Supermassive Black Hole in Centaurus A: A Benchmark for Gas Kinematical Measurements, Alessandro Marconi, Guia Pastorini, Franco Pacini, David J. Axon, A. Capetti, D. Macchetto, A. M. Koekemoer, and E. J. Shreier

Mass Deficits, Stalling Radii, and the Merger Histories of Elliptical Galaxies, David Merritt

Brownian Motion of Black Holes in Dense Nuclei, David Merritt and Frederik Laun