Documents from 2018

Studying the Effect of Froude Number and Densimetric Froude Number on Local Scours around Circular Bridge Piers, MD Abdullah Al Faruque

Studying the Effect of Froude Number and Densimetric Froude Number on Local Scours around Circular Bridge Piers, MD Abdullah Al Faruque

Assessment for Project-Based Courses, James R. Fugate

Re-playing Maimonides’ Codes: Designing Games to Teach Religious Legal Systems, Owen Gottlieb

Your iPhone Cannot Escape History, and Neither Can You: Self-Reflexive Design for a Mobile History Learning Game, Owen Gottlieb

Prosocial Religion and Games: Lost & Found, Owen Gottlieb and Ian Schreiber

Considering Parental Hearing Status as a Social Determinant of Deaf Population Health: Insights from Experiences of the \"Dinner Table Syndrome\", Wyatte C. Hall, Scott R. Smith, Erika J. Sutter, Lori A. DeWindt, and Timothy D.V. Dye

Guard Sets in Tor using AS Relationships, Mohsen Imani, Armon Barton, and Matthew Wright

A Subarcsecond ALMA Molecular Line Imaging Survey of the Circumbinary, Protoplanetary Disk Orbiting V4046 Sgr, Joel Kastner, C. Qi, D. A. Dickson-Vandervelde, P. Hily-Blant, T. Forveille, S. Andrews, U. Gorti, K. Öberg, and D. Wilner

Which Came First? (Back to the Basics), Melodie Joy Kolmetz

The Kitchen Light of NTID, Miriam Lerner

Institutional Determinants of Environmental Corporate Social Responsibility: Are Multinational Entities Taking Advantage of Weak Environmental Enforcement in Lower-Income Nations?, Stephen R. Luxmore, Clyde Eiríkur Hull, and Zhi Tang

Institutional Determinants of Environmental CorporateSocial Responsibility: Are Multinational Entities Taking Advantage of Weak Environmental Enforcement in Lower-Income Nations?, Stephen R. Luxmore, Clyde Eiríkur Hull, and Zhi Tang

Stimulating interethnic contact in Kosovo: The role of social identity complexity and distinctiveness threat, Edona Maloku, Belle Derks, Colette Van Laar, and Naomi Ellemers

Towards Prioritizing Documentation Effort, Paul W. McBurney, Siyuan Jiang, Marouane Kessentini, Nicholas A. Kraft, Ameer Armaly, Mohamed Wiem Mkaouer, and Collin McMillan

Developing Deaf Students Fraction Skills Requires Understanding Magnitude and Whole Number Division, Keith Mousley and Ronald R. Kelly

Discordant Alternans Mechanism for Initiation of Ventricular Fibrillation In Vitro, Laura M. Muñoz, Anna R.M. Gelzer, Flavio H. Fenton, Wei Qian, WeiYe Lin, Robert F. Gilmour Jr, and Niels F. Otani

Physical Models Can Provide Superior Learning Opportunities Beyond the Benefits of Active Engagements, Dina L. Newman, Megan Stefkovich, Catherine Clasen, Margaret A. Franzen, and Leslie Kate Wright

Why Wikipedia Often Overlooks Stories of Women in History, Lara Nicosia and Tamar Carroll

Health Sciences Students' Interest in and Opinions About Global Health Experiences, John B. Oliphant

A Community-Building Framework for Collaborative Research Coordination across the Education and Biology Research Disciplines, Nancy Pelaez, Trevor R. Anderson, Stephanie M. Gardner, Yue Yin, Joel K. Abraham, Edward L. Bartlett, Cara Gormally, Carol A. Hurney, Tammy M. Long, Dina L. Newman, Karen Sirum, and Michael T. Stevens

Longitudinal Analysis of Information Security Incident Spillover Effects, Justin M. Pelletier

Alcohol Use Moderates the Relationship Between Symptoms of Mental Illness and Aggression, Brian M. Quigley, Rebecca J. Houston, Daniel Antonius, Maria Testa, and Kenneth E. Leonard

Alcohol, Self-regulation, and Partner Physical Aggression: Actor-Partner Effects over a Three Year Time Frame, Brian M. Quigley, Ash Levitt, Jaye L. Derrick, Maria Testa, Rebecca J. Houston, and Kenneth E. Leonard

Angular Lens, Rishabh Sahu, Swati Chaudhary, Kedar Khare, Mishkatul Bhattacharya, Harshawardhan Wanare, and Anand K. Jha

Greenhouse Gas Sensors Fabricated with New Materials for Climatic Usage: A Review, Kalathur S.V. Santhanam and Nuzhet Nihaar Nasir Ahamed

Cleaner Fuels for Ships Provide Public Health Benefits with Climate Tradeoffs, Mikhail Sofiev, James J. Winebrake, Lasse Johansson, Edward W. Carr, Marje Prank, Joana Soares, Julius Vira, Jukka-Pekka Jalkanen, and James J. Corbett

Arrows in Biology: Lack of Clarity and Consistency Points to Confusion for Learners, Leslie Kate Wright, Jordan J. Cardenas, Phyllis Liang, and Dina L. Newman

The DNA Triangle and Its Application to Learning Meiosis, Leslie Kate Wright, Christina M. Catavero, and Dina L. Newman

On the Nonexistence of Some Generalized Folkman Numbers, Xiaodong Xu, Meilian Liang, and Stanislaw Radziszowski

Documents from 2017

To Be or Not To Be T4: Evidence of a Complex Evolutionary Pathway of Head Structure and Assembly in Giant Salmonella Virus SPN3US, Bazla Ali, Maxim Desmond, Sara Mallory, Andrea Benitez, Larry J. Buckley, Susan T. Weintraub, Michael V. Osier, Lindsay W. Black, and Julie A. Thomas

Collaboration With Deaf Communities to Conduct Accessible Health Surveillance, Steven L. Barnett, Kelly A. Mathews, Erika J. Sutter, Lori A. DeWindt, Jacqueline A. Pransky, Amanda M. O'Hearn, Tamala M. David, Robert Q. Pollard, Vincent J. Samar, and Thomas A. Pearson

The Value of Instability: An Investigation of Intra-Subject Variability in Brain Activity Among Obese Adolescent Girls, Lance O. Bauer and Rebecca J. Houston

Statistical-Thermodynamic Model for Light Scattering from Eye Lens Protein Mixtures, Michael M. Bell, David S. Ross, Maurino P. Bautista, Hossein Shahmohamad, Andreas Langner, John F. Hamilton, Carrie N. Lahnovych, and George M. Thurston

Trunk Motion System (TMS) Using Printed Body Worn Sensor (BWS) via Data Fusion Approach, Mohammad Mokhlespour Esfahani, Omid Zobeiri, Behzad Moshiri, Roya Narimani, Mohammad Mehravar, Ehsan Rashedi, and Mohamad Parnianpour

Effect of Hydrofracking on Aquifers, Abdullah Faruque and Joshua Goldowitz

Evasion of Host Innate Immunity by Emerging Viruses: Antagonizing Host RIG-I Pathways, Maureen Ferran and Gary Skuse

Whole Genome Sequencing of Rhodotorula Mucilaginosa Isolated from the Chewing Stick (Distemonanthus benthamianus): insights into Rhodotorula Phylogeny, Mitogenome Dynamics and Carotenoid Biosynthesis, Han Ming Gan, Bolaji N. Thomas, Nicole T. Cavanaugh, Grace H. Morales, Ashley N. Mayers, Michael A. Savka, and Andre O. Hudson

The Critical Role of Point Defects In Improving the Specific Capacitance of δ-MnO2 Nanosheets, Peng Gao, Peter Metz, Trevyn Hey, Yuxuan Gong, Dawei Liu, Doreen D. Edwards, Jane Y. Howe, Rong Huang, and Scott T. Misture

An Application For Screening Gradual-Onset Age-Related Hearing Loss, Wayne M. Garrison and Joe Bochner

Derivation and Validation of the Stray Light Correction Algorithm for the Thermal Infrared Sensor Onboard Landsat 8, Aaron Gerace and Matthew Montanaro

How Much Wind and Solar Are Needed to Realize Emissions Benefits from Storage?, Srujana Naga Goteti, Eric Hittinger, and Eric Williams

Design-Based Research Mobile Gaming for Learning Jewish History, Tikkun Olam, and Civics, Owen Gottlieb

Finding Lost & Found: Designer’s Notes from the Process of Creating a Jewish Game for Learning, Owen Gottlieb

Introduction: Jewish Gamevironments – Exploring Understanding with Playful Systems, Owen Gottlieb

Time Travel, Labour History, and the Null Curriculum: New Design Knowledge for Mobile Augmented Reality History Games, Owen Gottlieb

Distributed Detection of Sensor Worms Using Sequential Analysis and Remote Software Attestations, Jun-Won Ho and Matthew Wright

Magnetometry via Spin-Mechanical Coupling in Levitated Optomechanics, Pardeep Kumar and Mishkatul Bhattacharya

A Unified CFD Based Approach to a Variety of Condensation Processes in a Viscous Turbulent Wet Steam Flow, Alexander S. Liberson and Steven H. Hesler

Application of Variational Principle to Form Reduced Fluid-Structure Interaction Models in Bifurcated Networks, Alexander S. Liberson, Yashar Seyed Vahedein, and David A. Borkholder

Variational Approach of Constructing Reduced Fluid-Structure Interaction Models in Bifurcated Networks, Alexander S. Liberson, Yashar Seyed Vahedein, and David A. Borkholder

Mending Broken Promises in Sustainable Design, Alex Lobos

Consciousness, Evidence, and Moral Standing, Irina Mikhalevich

Characterization and Control of a Multi-Primary LED Light Lab, Michael J. Murdoch

Development of the Central Dogma Concept Inventory (CDCI) Assessment Tool, Dina L. Newman, Christopher W. Snyder, J. Nick Fisk, and Leslie Kate Wright

Meiosis: A Play in Three Acts, Starring DNA Sequence, Dina L. Newman and Leslie Kate Wright

Genetic Diversity of CD14 Promoter Gene Polymorphism (rs2569190) is Associated With Regulation of Malaria Parasitemia and Susceptibility to Plasmodium falciparum Infection., Olusola Ojurongbe, Roland I. Funwei, Tara J. Snyder, Najihah Aziz, Yi Li, Catherine O. Falade, and Bolaji N. Thomas

Ethanol Extract of Blighia Sapida Stem Bark Show Remarkable Prophylactic Activity in Experimental Plasmodium berghei-Infected Mice., Olayinka O. Otegbade, Johnson A. Ojo, Dolapo I. Adefokun, Oyindamola O. Abiodun, Bolaji N. Thomas, and Olusola Ojurongbe

Eye Movements of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Viewers of Automatic Captions, Kevin Rathbun, Larwan Berke, Christopher Caulfield, Michael Stinson, and Matt Huenerfauth

Permeation Fill-Tube Design for Inertial Confinement Fusion Target Capsules, Brian S. Rice, Jeff Ulreich, Chad Fella, Jay Crippen, P. Fitzsimmons, and A. Nikroo

Career Development and Personal Success Profile of Students - Followers and Students - Potential Future Leaders: The Case of RIT Croatia, Jasminka Samardzija, Joseph Kevin Walker, and Vanda Bazdan

Student Leadership, Career Development, and Personal Success Profiles, Jasminka Samardzija, Joseph Kevin Walker, and Milena Kuznin

Does A Flatter General Gradient of Visual Attention Explain Peripheral Advantages and Central Deficits in Deaf Adults?, Vincent J. Samar and Lauren Berger

Model for Screened, Charge-Regulated Electrostatics of an Eye Lens Protein: Bovine GammaB-Crystallin, Christopher W. Wahle, K. Michael Martini, Dawn M. Hollenbeck, Andreas Langner, David S. Ross, John F. Hamilton, and George M. Thurston

Documents from 2016

Measurement of cortical thickness asymmetry in carotid occlusive disease, Iris Asllania, Pamelia Slattery, Alexander Fafard, Marykay Pavol, Ronald M. Lazar, and Randolph S. Marshall

Continuously Adjustable, Molecular-Sieving "Gate" on 5A Zeolite for Distinguishing Small Organic Molecules by Size, Yu Bao, Zhuonan Song, Yi Huang, and Weiwei L. Xu

Hybrid Life Cycle Assessment of Low, Mid and High-Rise Multi-Family Dwellings, Kimberly Bawden and Eric Williams

An investigation of learning outcomes for MSc programs in Network and System Administration, Charles Border, Kyrre Begnum, and Niels Sijm

3 E’s Enterprise Architecture Framework (that encompasses Business Process, Information Systems, and Information Technology), Nicholas C. Bucciarelli Mr.

Identification Of A Parameter in Fourth-Order Partial Differential Equations By An Equation Error Approach, Nathan Bush, Baasansuren Jadamba, Akhtar A. Khan, and Fabio Raciti

Day by Day: Finding the Voices of Deaf Leadership on Stage, Luane Davis Haggerty

On Some Three-Color Ramsey Numbers for Paths, Janusz Dybizbanski, Tomasz Dzido, and Stanislaw Radziszowski

On Some Zarankiewicz Numbers and Bipartite Ramsey Numbers for Quadrilateral, Janusz Dybizbanski, Tomasz Dzido, and Stanislaw Radziszowski

Effect of Reynolds Number on Wall-normal Turbulence Intensity in a Smooth and Rough Open Channel Using both Outer and Inner Scaling, MD Abdullah Al Faruque and Ram Balachandar

Study the Effect of Roughness on the Higher Order Moment to Extract Information About the Turbulent Flow Structure in an Open Channel Flow, MD Abdullah Al Faruque and Ram Balachandar

On bipartization of cubic graphs by removal of an independent set, Hanna Furmanczyk, Marek Kubale, and Stanislaw Radziszowski

Current Key Perspectives in Video Gaming and Religion: Theses by Owen Gottlieb., Owen Gottlieb

Who Really Said What? Mobile Historical Situated Documentary as Liminal Learning Space, Owen Gottlieb

Ionic Liquids as Additives of Coffee Bean Oil in Steel-Steel Contacts, James Grace, Solomiya Vysochanska, Jeffrey Lodge, and Patricia Iglesias

Impact of Urban Form on Energy Use in Central City and Suburban Neighborhoods: Lessons from the Phoenix Metropolitan Region, Subhrajit Guhathakurta and Eric Williams

The Lubrication Ability of Ionic Liquids as Additives for Wind Turbine Gearboxes Oils, Miguel A. Gutierrez, Michael Haselkorn, and Patricia Iglesias

An Extended Discussion on a High-Capacity Covert Channel for the Android Operating System, Timothy Heard and Daryl Johnson

Theoretical and Experimental Study of the Friction Behavior of Halogen-Free Ionic Liquids in Elastohydrodynamic Regime, Karthik Janardhanan and Patricia Iglesias

Basis for Calculating Cross Sections for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spin-Modulated Polarized Neutron Scattering, Michael Kotlarchyk and George M. Thurston

Teaching Android Security Through Examples: A Publicly Available Database of Vulnerable Apps, Daniel E. Krutz and Samuel A. Malachowsky

Ingress Well-Played: City as MMO, Elizabeth L. Lawley

Film: Deaf Characters, Miriam Nathan Lerner and Edna Edith Sayers

Quantification of Hemodynamic Pulse Wave Velocity Based on a Thick Wall Multi-Layer Model for Blood Vessels, Jeffrey S. Lillie, Alexander S. Liberson, and David A. Borkholder

Are Intrusion Detection Studies Evaluated Consistently? A Systematic Literature Review, Nuthan Munaiah, Andrew Meneely, Ryan Wilson, and Benjamin Short

Applying Kouzes & Posner's Leadership Concepts to Poverty Alleviation Work in the Developing World, John Oliphant

Challenges and Opportunities in DFO-AT: A Study of e-NABLE, Jeremiah L. Parry-Hill and Daniel L. Ashbrook

Tweedie's Compound Poisson Model with Grouped Elastic Net, Wei Qian, Yi Yang, and Hui Zou

Kernel Estimation and Model Combination in a Bandit Problem with Covariates, Wei Qian and Yuhong Yang

Computation of the Ramsey Numbers R(C_4, K_9) and R(C_4, K_10), Stanislaw Radziszowski, Alexander Lange, and Ivan Livinsky

The Evolution of Strategic Sophistication, Nikolaus Robalino and Arthur Robson

Existence Theory for the Radically Symmetric Contact Lens Equation, David S. Ross, Kara L. Maki, and Emily K. Holtz

Natural gas as a marine fuel, Heather Thomson, James J. Corbett, and James J. Winebrake

Predicting Altruistic Behavior and Assessing Homophily: Evidence from the Sisterhood, Michael J. Vernarelli

Framing Effects on Bidding Behavior in Experimental First-Price Sealed-Bid Money Auctions, Michael J. Vernarelli and Justin S. Skillman

Fuel price elasticities for single-unit truck operations in the United States, James J. Winebrake, Erin H. Green, Bryan Comer, and Chi Li