Documents from 1991

Modeling Ultrasound Speckle Formation and its Dependence on Imaging System’s Impulse Response, Navalgund A. H. K. Rao and Hui Zhu

Documents from 1990

The Effect of a Single Point on Correlation and Slope, David L. Farnsworth

Presence/Absence of an Observer in a Word Association Test, Morton Isaacs and Kathleen Chen

The Ramsey numbers R(K_3, K_8 - e) and R(K_3, K_9 - e), Stanislaw Radziszowski

Documents from 1989

Determination of the burst initiation location and the tear propagation velocity during air burst testing of latex condoms, Andrew Davidhazy

Flipbooks for a change!, Andrew Davidhazy

Response Latencies in a Word Association Test: A New Measuring Method and Its Results, Morton Isaacs

Microcomputer demonstrations in a mastery-based personalized system of instruction course, Morton Isaacs and Roger Harnish

Deaf characters and deafness in science fiction, Harry Lang and Robert Panara

Documents from 1988

Lower bounds for multi-colored Ramsey numbers from group orbits, Donald Kreher, Wei Li, and Stanislaw Radziszowski

Projection crystallography, Alan Pomplun

On (3, k) Ramsey graphs: Theoretical and computational results, Stanislaw Radziszowski and Donald Kreher

Solving subset sum problems with the L^3 algorithm, Stanislaw Radziszowski and Donald Kreher

Documents from 1987

Exposure testing with Polaroid materials, Andrew Davidhazy

Panoramic Cameras I've Made, Andrew Davidhazy

New T-Designs Found by Basis Reduction, Donald Kreher and Stanislaw Radziszowski

Nimslo - more to it than meets the eye!, Howard Millard

Documents from 1986

Principles of peripheral photography, Andrew Davidhazy

Two for the price of one with Polaroid films, Andrew Davidhazy

Finding Simple T-designs by Using Basis Reduction, Donald Kreher and Stanislaw Radziszowski

Documents from 1985

Action infrared photography, Andrew Davidhazy

Documents from 1984

The Application of the Conjugate Gradient Method to the Solution of Transient Electromagnetic Scattering from Thin Wires, Sadasiva M. Rao, Tapan K. Sarkar, and Sohail A. Dianat

Action zone theory and the hearing-impaired student in the mainstreamed classroom, Rosemary Saur, Mary Jane Popp, and Morton Isaacs

Documents from 1983

Explicit PL Self-Knottings and the Structure of PL Homotopy Complex Projective Spaces, Douglas Meadows

Cultural Arts Among Deaf People, Robert Panara

Documents from 1982

Making waves in color - a basic color Schlieren system, Andrew Davidhazy

Teacher structuring and student learning style as achievement predictors, Samuel Haskell and Morton Isaacs

Chemical hyperthyroidism: serum triiodothyronine levels in clinically euthyroid individuals treated with levothyroxine, D. Salmon, M. Rendell, and J. Williams

The preoperative treatment of severely anemic patients with a perfluorochemical oxygen-transport fluid, Fluosol-DA, K. Tremper, Alan Friedman, and E. Levine

Documents from 1979

College students' expectations of the results of drinking, Morton Isaacs

Patterns of Drinking Among the Deaf, Morton Isaacs, Gerard Buckley, and Donna Martin

Documents from 1978

Streak, strip and scanning photographic systems - an overview of historical and current technologies, Andrew Davidhazy

Assessment of regional myocardial blood flow and regional fractional oxygen extraction in dogs, using 15O-water and 15O-hemoglobin, J. Anthony Parker, George Beller, and Bernard Hoop

Documents from 1977

Stereotyping by children of the effects of drinking on adults, Morton Isaacs

Documents from 1976

The Deaf in America: Two Hundred Years of Progress, Robert Panara

Documents from 1975

PSI as a supplement to college classroom lecture instruction, Morton Isaacs and Gerard Buckley

Documents from 1974

Stereotyping of the deaf student and Klineberg's "kernal of truth" hypothesis, Morton Isaacs

Documents from 1973

A Rational approach to technical sign construction, Morton Isaacs

Attitudes Toward the College Deaf Student: Stereotype or "Kernel of Truth"?, Morton Isaacs

Precision teaching of the deaf, Morton Isaacs

Documents from 1972

Deaf characters in fiction and drama, Robert Panara

Documents from 1969

Photographic demonstration of surface and interior conditions of an unevenly heated liquid, Andrew Davidhazy

Documents from 1968

The Systematic status of painted turtles (Chrysemys) in the northeastern United States, F. Harvey Pough and Margaret Pough

Documents from 1963

Making a streak camera, Andrew Davidhazy