Documents from 2021

Automaticity of lexical access in deaf and hearing bilinguals: Cross-linguistic evidence from the color Stroop task across five languages, Rain G. Bosworth, Sarah C. Tyler, Eli M. Binder, and Jill P. Morford

Collaborative behavior, performance and engagement with visual analytics tasks using mobile devices, Lei Chen, Hai-Ning Liang, Feiyu Lu, Konstantinos Papangelis, Ka Lok Man, and Yong Yue

1D Conditional Generative Adversarial Network for Spectrum-to-spectrum Translation of Simulated Chemical Reflectance signatures, Cara Murphy and John Kerekes

Physics-guided Neural Network for Predicting Chemical Signatures, Cara Murphy and John Kerekes

Address practices of Deaf undergraduate students and faculty: A study of language, identity, and community, Brenda Nicodemus, Maicol Formentelli, Keith Cagle, and Jay Pittman

Affective sentience and moral protection, Russell Powell and Irina Mikhalevich

Documents from 2020

Iron-focussed nutritional status of mothers with children (6–59 months) in rural northern Ghana, Brenda Ariba Zarhari Abu, Jacques Eugene Raubenheimer, and Violet Louise Van Den Berg

Audio-Visual Caption Evaluation Metric for People who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Akhter Al Amin

Simulation of Internet of Things Water Management for Efficient Rice Irrigation in Rwanda, Peace Bamurigire, Anthony Vodacek, Andras Valko, and Said Rutabayiro Ngoga

Using Information Communications Technologies to Implement Universal Design for Learning, David Banes, Anne Hayes, Christopher Kurz, and Raja Kashalnagar

Rapid inference of antibiotic resistance and susceptibility by genomic neighbour typing, Karel Břinda, Alanna Callendrello, Kevin C. Ma, Derek R. MacFadden, Themoula Charalampous, Robyn S. Lee, Lauren Cowley, Crista B. Wadsworth, Yonatan H. Grad, Gregory Kucherov, Justin O'Grady, Michael Baym, and William P. Hanage

Eventually Periodic Solutions of Single Neuron Model, Inese Bula and Michael A. Radin

An Online Interactive Video Vignette that Helps Students Learn Key Concepts of Fermentation and Respiration, Jean A. Cardinale, Dina L. Newman, and L. Kate Wright

Long Term Predictions of Coal Fired Power Plant Data Using Evolved Recurrent Neural Networks, Travis Desell, AbdElRahman ElSaid, Zimeng Lyu, David Stadem, Shuchita Patwardhan, and Steve Benson

Thermoformed Containers Based on Starch and Starch/Coffee Waste Biochar Composites, Carlos Diaz, Rahul Ketan Shah, Tyler Evans, Thomas A. Trabold, and Kathleen Draper

Exploration of the Neisseria Resistome Reveals Resistance Mechanisms in Commensals That May Be Acquired by N. gonorrhoeae through Horizontal Gene Transfer, Michael A. Fiore, Jordan C. Raisman, Narayan H. Wong, André O. Hudson, and Crista B. Wadsworth

Determining improvements in Landsat spectral sampling for inland water quality monitoring, Ryan T. Ford and Anthony Vodacek

Failed power domination on graphs, Abraham Glasser, Bonnie Jacob, Emily Lederman, and Stanislaw Radziszowski

Minecrafting Bar Mitzvah: Two Rabbis Negotiating and Cultivating Learner-Driven Inclusion through New Media., Owen Gottlieb

Acts of Meaning, Resource Diagrams, and Essential Learning Behaviors: The Design Evolution of Lost & Found, Owen Gottlieb and Ian Schreiber

Designing Analog Learning Games: Genre Affordances, Limitations and Multi-Game Approaches, Owen Gottlieb and Ian Schreiber

Capturing the City’s Heritage On-the-Go: Design Requirements for Mobile Crowdsourced Cultural Heritage, Bas Hannewijk, Federica Lucia Vinella, Vassilis-Javed Khan, Ioanna Lykourentzou, Konstantinos Papangelis, and Judith Masthoff

Student Observations of Postsecondary Classroom Instruction: Accessibility Challenges and Collaborative Feedback., Yasmine R. Jassal, Stephanie W. Cawthon, and Sara Schley

A Definition of “Regular Meals” Driven by Dietary Quality Supports a Pragmatic Schedule, Barbara A. Lohse, Kathryn Faulring, Diane C. Mitchell, and Leslie Cunningham-Sabo

Children’s Ethno-National Flag Categories in Three Divided Societies, Edona Maloku, Jocelyn B. Dautel, Ana Tomovska Misoska, and Laura K. Taylor

Sex modifies the association between the CLOCK variant rs1801260 and BMI in school-age children, Ying Meng, Barbara Lohse, and Leslie Cunningham-Sabo

Minds without spines: Evolutionarily inclusive animal ethics., Irina Mikhalevich and Russell Powell

Brightness matching in optical see-through augmented reality, Michael Murdoch

Practical Model for Improved Classification of Trace Chemical Residues on Surfaces in Active Spectroscopic Measurements, Cara P. Murphy, John P. Kerekes, Derek A. Wood, and Anish K. Goyal

Practical Model for Improved Classification of Trace Chemical Residues on Surfaces in Active Spectroscopic Measurements, Cara P. Murphy, John Kerekes, Derek Wood, and Anish Goyal

Cell replacement strategies for lithium ion battery packs, Nenad G. Nenadic, Thomas A. Trabold, and Michael G. Thurston

Interactive Video Vignettes (IVVs) to Help Students Learn Genetics Concepts, Dina L. Newman, Jean Cardinale, and L Kate Wright

Performing the Digital Self: Understanding Location-Based Social Networking, Territory, Space, and Identity in the City, Konstantinos Papangelis, Alan Chamberlain, Ioanna Lykourentzou, Vassilis-Javed Khan, Michael Saker, Hai-Ning Liang, Irwyn Sadien, and Ting Cao

Smart Cities at Play: Technology and Emerging forms of playfulness, Konstantinos Papangelis, Michael Saker, and Catherine Jones

Pollution prevention via recovery of cerium (IV) oxide in optics company, Eugene Park, William Gallagher, Sydor Optics, and Flint Creek Resources

A sentence need not begin with a capital letter, Jakob Patekar

Assessment of dehydration as a commercial-scale food waste valorization strategy, Jon T. Schroeder, Ava L. Labuzetta, and Thomas A. Trabold

UV Photo-Oxidation of Polybenzimidazole (PBI), Devon Shedden, Kristen M. Atkinson, Ibrahim Cisse, Shin Lutondo, Tyshawn Roundtree, Michilena Teixeira, Joel Shertok, Michael Mehan, Gregory K. Thompson, Surendra K. Gupta, and Gerald A. Takacs

Mathematical Model of the Role of Asymptomatic Infection in Outbreaks of Some Emerging Pathogens, Nourridine Siewe, Bradford Greening Jr., and Nina H. Fefferman

The Bright Triad and Five Propositions: Toward a Vygotskian Framework for Deaf Pedagogy and Research, Michael E. Skyer

Aesthetics, Culture, Power Critical Deaf Pedagogy and ASL Video-publications as Resistance-to-Audism in Deaf Education and Research, Michael E. Skyer and Laura Cochell

Nonlinear Photon Pair Generation in a Highly Dispersive Medium, David J. Starling, Jacob Poirier, Michael Fanto, Jeffrey A. Steidle, Christopher C. Tison, Gregory A. Howland, and Stefan F. Preble

Supporting Disaster Resilience Spatial Thinking with Serious GeoGames: Project Lily Pad, Brian Tomaszewski, Amy Walker, Emily Gawlik, Casey Lane, Scott William, Deborah Orieta, Claudia McDaniel, Matthew Plummer, Anushka Nair, Nicolas San Jose, Kyle Pecsok, Emma Thomley, Erin Mahoney, Emily Haberlack, and David Schwartz

Taming Conflicting Identities: Searching for New Youth Values in the Western Balkans, Vladimir Turjacanin, Iris Zezelj, Edona Maloku, and Marija Brankovic

Phenology-dependent cold exposure and thermal performance of Ostrinia nubilalis ecotypes, Crista B. Wadsworth, Yuta Okada, and Erik B. Dopman

In Their Shoes: A Structured Analysis of Job Demands, Resources, Work Experiences, and Platform Commitment of Crowdworkers in China, Yihong Wang, Konstantinos Papangelis, Ioanna Lykourentzou, Hai-Ning Liang, Irwyn Sadien, Evangelia Demerouti, and Vassilis-Javed Khan

An Examination of Enhanced Atmospheric Methane Detection Methods for Predicting Performance of a Novel Multiband Uncooled Radiometer Imager, Cody M. Webber and John Kerekes

An Examination of Enhanced Atmospheric Methane Detection Methods for Predicting Performance of a Novel Multiband Uncooled Radiometer Imager, Cody M. Webber and John P. Kerekes

Assessing the Sustainability Implications of Autonomous Vehicles: Recommendations for Research Community Practice, Eric Williams, Vivekananda Das, and Andrew Fisher

Undergraduate Textbook Representations of Meiosis Neglect Essential Elements, Leslie Kate Wright, Grace Elizabeth C. Dy, and Dina L. Newman

Higher order correlations in a levitated nanoparticle phonon laser, Kewen Xiao, Robert M. Pettit, Wenchao Ge, Long H. Nguyen, Siamak Dadras, A. Nick Vamivakas, and Mishkatul Bhattacharya

Chromatic Vertex Folkman Numbers, Xiaodong Xu, Meilian Liang, and Stanislaw Radziszowski

Study on the Influence of Road Geometry on Vehicle Lateral Instability, Yanna Yin, Huiying Wen, Lu Sun, and Wei Hou

The Influence of Road Geometry on Vehicle Rollover and Skidding, Yanna Yin, Huiying Wen, Lu Sun, and Wei Hou

Documents from 2019

Parent BMI Increase 2 to 5 Years Post-study Related to Change in Age but Independent of Other Sociodemographics, Health Behavior, and Study Engagement (P16-001-19), Brenda Abu, Barbara A. Lohse, and Leslie Cunningham-Sabo

Multifocal Assessment Reveals Anemia-related Program Gaps and Implementation Challenges in Ghana (P10-088-19), Brenda Abu, Rachel Stefanic, Olivia Garror, Nicole Buttner, Kingsley Pereko, and Adam Sandow

Fine-scale haplotype structure reveals strong signatures of positive selection in a recombining bacterial pathogen, Brian Arnold, Mashaal Sohail, Crista B. Wadsworth, Jukka Corander, William P. Hanage, Shamil Sunyaev, and Yonatan H. Grad

Returning Home When Immigration Fails: Risk Factors and the Need for Improved Care, Albina Balidemaj and Small, Mark

An Analysis of Altitude, Citizen Science and a Convolutional Neural Network Feedback Loop on Object Detection in Unmanned Aerial Systems, Connor Bowley, Marshall Mattingly, Andrew Barnas, Susan Ellis-Felege, and Travis Desell

A Close-Up Look at PCR, Callie J. Donahue, Ashley A. Adair, Leslie Kate Wright, and Dina Newman

Retrieval of Salt Marsh Above-ground Biomass From High-spatial Resolution Hyperspectral Imagery Using PROSAIL, Rehman S. Eon, Sarah Goldsmith, Charles M. Bachmann, Anna Christina Tyler, Christopher S. Lapszynski, Greg P. Badura, David T. Osgood, and Ryan Brett

Jewish Time Jump: New York, Owen Gottlieb

On Some Edge Folkman Numbers Small and Large, Jenny M. Kaufmann, Henry J. Wickus, and Stanislaw Radziszowski

GNE: A Deep Learning Framework for Gene Network Inference by Aggregating Biological Information, Kishan KC, Rui Li, Feng Cui, Qi Yu, and Anne R. Haake

Single Photon Transfer Using Levitated Cavityless Optomechanics, Pardeep Kumar and Mishkatul Bhattacharya

Constructed Action in American Sign Language: A Look at Second Language Learners in a Second Modality, Kim B. Kurz, Kellie Mullaney, and Corrine Occhino

Social clustering in epidemic spread on coevolving networks, Hsuan-Wei Lee, Nishant Malik, Feng Shi, and Peter J. Mucha

On a Diagonal Conjecturefor Classical Ramsey Numbers, Meilian Liang, Stanislaw Radziszowski, and Xiaodong Xu

Applying Generative Systems to Product Design, Alex Lobos

Eating Competent Parents of 4th Grade Youth from a Predominantly Non-Hispanic White Sample Demonstrate More Healthful Eating Behaviors than Non-Eating Competent Parents, Barbara A. Lohse, Melissa Pflugh Prescott, and Leslie Cunningham-Sabo

Magnetic Field Patterning of Nickel Nanofibers Using Nickel Precursor Ink, Chaitanya G. Mahajan, Ahmed A. Alfadhel, Mark Irving, Bruce Kahn, David A. Borkholder, Scott A. Williams, and Denis Cormier

Magnetic Field Patterning of Nickel Nanowire Film Realized by Printed Precursor Inks, Chaitanya G. Mahajan, Ahmed A. Alfadhel, Mark Irving, Bruce Kahn, David A. Borkholder, Scott A. Williams, and Denis Cormier

Materials Sciences and Applications, Chaitanya G. Mahajan, Amanda R. Marotta, Bruce Kahn, Mark Irving, Surendra K. Gupta, Richard Hailstone, Scott A. Williams, and Denis Cormier

Formation of Copper Nickel Bimetallic Nanoalloy Film Using Precursor Inks, Chaitanya G. Mahajan, Amanda R. Marotta, Bruce Kahn, Mark Irving, Surendra K. Gupta, Richard Hailstone, Scott A. Williams, and Denis Cormier

Assessing the Quality of Mobile Graphical User Interfaces Using Multi-Objective Optimization, Soui, Makram; Mabrouka Chouchane; Mohamed Wiem Mkaouer; Marouane Kessentini; and Khaled Ghedira

Ask Me Anything: Promoting Archive Collections On Reddit, Sara May

Manned Aircraft Versus Small Unmanned Aerial System—Forestry Remote Sensing Comparison Utilizing Lidar and Structure-From-Motion for Forest Carbon Modeling and Disturbance Detection, Michael P. McClelland II, Jan van Aardt, and Darin Hale

What is the Source of Bilingual Cross-Language Activation in Deaf Bilinguals?, Jill P. Morford, Corrine Occhino, Megan Zirnstein, Judith F. Kroll, Erin Wilkinson, and Pilar Piñar

Recovery of Memory After Cerebral Artery Aneurysm Surgery, Ljiljana Pačić-Turk, Petra Jandrijevic, and Ana Havelka-Meštrović

Prihvatljivost prevedenica kao zamjena za anglizme, Jakob Patekar

A Density-Based Approach for Leaf Area Index Assessment in a Complex Forest Environment Using a Terrestrial Laser Scanner, Ali Rouzbeh Kargar, Richard MacKenzie, Gregory P. Asner, and Jan van Aardt

Near-Complete Genome Sequences of Vesicular Stomatitis Virus Indiana Laboratory Strains HR and T1026R1 and Plaque Isolates 22-20 and 22-25, Thomas M. Russell, Evan E. Santo, Lisa Golebiewski, Nathan S. Haseley, and Maureen Ferran

Available food options at local shops in relation to food insecurity among older adults in Sharpeville, South Africa, Sanjoy Saha, Brenda Abu, Wilna Oldewage-Theron, and Abdul Egal

Corrosion Protection of Monel Alloy Coated with Graphene Quantum Dots Starts with a Surge, KSV Santhanam and Charles Bopp

Introduction to the absolute brightness and number statistics in spontaneous parametric down-conversion, James Schneeloch, Samuel H. Knarr, Daniela F. Bogorin, Mackenzie L. Levangie, Christopher C. Tison, Rebecca Frank, Gregory A. Howland, Michael L. Fanto, and Paul M. Alsing

Quantifying Entanglement in a 68-billion Dimensional Quantum State Space, James Schneeloch, Christopher C. Tison, Michael L. Fanto, Paul M. Alsing, and Gregory A. Howland

Influence of Drone Altitude, Image Overlap, and Optical Sensor Resolution on Multi-View Reconstruction of Forest Images, Erich Seifert, Stefan Seifert, Holger Vogt, David Drew, Jan van Aardt, and Thomas Seifert

Bodies in Dependence: A Foucauldian Genealogy of the Americans with Disabilities Acts, Michael E. Skyer

The Nucleosome Position-Encoding WW/SS Sequence Pattern is Depleted in Mammalian Genes Relative to Other Eukaryotes, Gregory M. Wright and Feng Cui

BioVR: A Platform for Virtual Reality Assisted Biological Data Integration and Visualization, Jimmy F. Zhang, Alex R. Paciorkowski, Paul A. Craig, and Feng Cui

Documents from 2018

Risks of excess iodine intake in Ghana: current situation, challenges, and lessons for the future, Brenda A.Z. Abu; Wilna Oldewage‐Theron,; and Richmond N.O. Aryeetey

An Interactive and Dynamic Search-Based Approach to Software Refactoring Recommendations, Vahid Alizadeh, Marouane Kessentini, Mohamed Wiem Mkaouer, Mel Ocinneide, Ali Ouni, and Yuanfang Cai

Female Students View The Knowledge of Foreign Languages as More Important for Careers in Tourism Than Male Students?, Nikolina Božinović and Joško Sindik

Measurements of Radiation Pressure Owing to the Grating Momentum, Ying-Ju Lucy Chu, Eric M. Jansson, and Grover A. Swartzlander

Low Complexity Maximum-Likelihood Detector for DSTTD Architecture Based on the QRD-M Algorithm, Joaquín Cortez, Miguel Bazdresch, Julio Ramírez, Ramón Palacio, and Erica Ruiz

Lessons from my Undergraduate Research Students, Paul A. Craig

Potential of Red Edge Spectral Bands in Future Landsat Satellites on Agroecosystem Canopy Green Leaf Area Index Retrieval, Zhaoyu Cui and John Kerekes

Eros and Polemos: Eroticized Combat in the Trojan War Myth, John Dayton

Hotels as Critical Hubs for Destination Disaster Resilience: An Analysis of Hotel Corporations’ CSR Activities Supporting Disaster Relief and Resilience, Sarah Dobie, Jennifer Schneider, Muhammet Kesgin, and Richard Lagiewski

Superhydrophobic Waveguide: Liquid-core air-cladding waveguide platform for optofluidics, Ke Du, Ishan Wathuthanthri, Junjun Ding, and Chang-Hwan Choi