Computing systems have become increasingly heterogeneous contributing to higher performance and power efficiency. However, this is at the cost of increasing the overall complexity of designing such systems. One key challenge in the design of heterogeneous systems is the efficient scheduling of computational load. To address this challenge, this paper thoroughly analyzes state of the art scheduling policies and proposes a new dynamic scheduling heuristic: Alternative Processor within Threshold (APT). This heuristic uses a flexibility factor to attain efficient usage of the available hardware resources, taking advantage of the degree of heterogeneity of the system. In a GPU-CPU-FPGA system, tested on workloads with and without data dependencies, this approach improved overall execution time by 16% and 18% when compared to the second-best heuristic.

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Computer Engineering (MS)

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Computer Engineering (KGCOE)


Sonia Lopez Alarcon

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Amlan Ganguly

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Marcin Lukowiak


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