We describe the results of a detailed study of the polarization properties of the broad H-alpha emission line in Type 1 Seyfert nuclei. Our analysis of these data points to a model in which the broad Balmer lines are emitted by a rotating disk, and are scattered in two main regions - one co-planar with the disk and within the circum-nuclear torus, the other, the polar scattering region, outside the torus but aligned with its axis. The relative importance of the two sources of polarized light is largely determined by the inclination of the system axis to the line-of-sight.

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Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series 297 (2003) Also archived in: arXiv:astro-ph/0211207 v1 11 Nov 2002 AND "Star Formation Through Time," Proceedings of A Conference to Honour Roberto J. Terlevich. Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series. Held in Granada, Spain: 24-28 September 2002. ISBN: 158-38-1144-3Note: imported from RIT’s Digital Media Library running on DSpace to RIT Scholar Works in February 2014.

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