Recent work on the equilibrium and stability of ellipsoidal stellar systems is reviewed. The absence of constant-density cores in early-type galaixes implies that chaos and high-order resonances are generic features of the motion in triaxial stellar systems. Bending instabilities are now well understood and may provide the answers to a number of long-standing riddles, including the absence of highly flattened elliptical galaxies and the formation of galactic bulges. Some preliminary results on instabilites in two-integral oblate models are presented.

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ASP Conf. Ser. 86 (1995) 13 "Fresh Views of Elliptical Galaxies" Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series, Volume 86; Proceedings of the INAOE International Meeting held in Pueblo; Mexico; 14-17 March 1995; San Francisco: Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP)||Also archived in: astro-ph/9510132 25 Oct 1995 AND Rutgers Astrophysics Preprint Series No. 164 The N-body results shown in Figure 4 were prepared by Monica Valluri. This work was supported by NSF grant AST 90-16515 and NASA grant NAG 5-2803. ISBN: 1-886733-07-4Note: imported from RIT’s Digital Media Library running on DSpace to RIT Scholar Works in February 2014.

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