An augmented reality system merges synthetic sensory information into a user's perception of a three-dimensional environment. An important performance goal for an augmented reality system is that the user perceives a single seamless environment. In most augmented reality systems the user views a real world augmented only with visual information and is not provided with a means to interact with the virtual objects. In this paper we describe an augmented reality system that, in addition to visual augmentation, merges synthetic haptic input into the user's perception of the real environment. Our system uses a PHANToM haptic interface device to generate the haptic sensory input in real-time. The system allows user interactions such as moving or liping a virtual object, and demonstrates interactions between virtual and real objects. Methods to provide proper visual occlusion between real and virtual objects are also described.

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IEEE international conference on multimedia computing and systems proceedings, June 1999. Please see for more information.

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Software Engineering (GCCIS)


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