James Vallino


Students in Rochester Institute of Technology's Software Engineering program gain an appreciation for the importance of design in their second year when they work on a term-long team-based software project. Student comments express an eagerness to be taught more about the design of larger soJiware systems. Our next course, Engineering of Software Subsystems, aims to achieve that outcome. This paper describes the evolution of this design course. The course was initially delivered as three one-hour lectures and one two-hour lab per week. Particularly in lectures, the students were not engaged to actively learn the material. The course has taken several evolutionary steps moving from its initial low level of active learning to where it now is mostly under the control of student teams participating as active learners. Dora from one offering of the course suggests improved course evaluation ratings and a noticeable increase in student appreciation for the textbook.

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2003 proceedings from the ASEE/IEEE frontiers in education conference. Please see for more information.

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Software Engineering (GCCIS)


RIT – Main Campus