Documents from 2005

Characterization of surface roughness effects on pressure drop in single-phase flow in minchannels, Satish Kandlikar, Derek Schmitt, and Andres Carrano

An Analysis of indirect bankruptcy costs on the ts-bc hypothesis: A Note, Khondkar Karim, Zhaohui Zhang, and Dayong Liu

Printable electronics: patterning of conductive materials for novel applications, Anupama Karwa, Yu Xia, and Daniel Clark

X-ray emission from Orion Nebula Cluster stars with circumstellar disks and jets, Joel Kastner, Geoffrey Franz, and Nicolas Grosso

Full-spectrum spectral imaging system analytical model, John Kerekes and Jerrold Baum

Theoretical isochrones with extinction in the K band, Sungsoo Kim, Donald Figer, and Myung Gyoon Lee

Path-aware overlay multicast, Minseok Kwon and Sonia Fahmy

HST [Hubble Space Telescope]/STIS [Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph] low dispersion spectroscopy of three Compact Steep Spectrum sources: Evidence for jet-cloud interaction, Alvaro Labiano, Christopher O'Dea, and Richard Gelderman

Experimentally demonstrated filters based on guided resonance of photonic-crystal films, Chunchen Lin, Zhaolin Lu, and Shouyuan Shi

A hybrid contextual approach to wildland fire detection using multispectral imagery, Ying Li, Anthony Vodacek, and Robert Kremens

A Bayesian network-based framework for semantic image understanding, Jiebo Lou, Andreas Savakis, and Amit Singhal

An Introductory software engineering course that facilitates active learning, Stephanie Ludi, Swaminathan Natarajan, and Thomas Reichlmayr

Subwavelength imaging by a flat cylindrical lens using optimized negative refraction, Zhaolin Lu, Caihua Chen, and Christopher Schuetz

Three dimensional multi-valued design in nanoscale integrated circuits, Sergey Lyshevski

Hubble Space Telescope near-infrared snapshot survey of 3CR radio source counterparts at low redshift, Juan Madrid, Marco Chiaberge, and David Floyd

Towards a dynamic driven application system for wildfire simulation, Jan Mandel, Lynn Bennethum, and Mingshi Chen

Credit cards on campus: Academic inquiry, objective empiricism, or advocacy research?, Robert Manning and Ray Kirshak

A quantitative assessment of the benefit of a learning community environment, Castro-Cedeno H. Mario

Classroom interpreting and visual information processing in mainstream education for deaf students: live or Memorex?, Marc Marschark, Jeff Pelz, and Carol Convertino

Educational interpreting: access and outcomes, Marc Marschark, Patricia Sapere, and Carol Convertino

Explicit general formulation of color matching functions for chromaticity diagram convexity and its application to shape structure analysis, Nobuhito Matsushiro and Noboru Ohta

A non-singular black hole model as a possible end-product of gravitational collapse, Manasse Mbonye

The ACS Virgo Cluster Survey IV: Data reduction procedures for surface brightness fluctuation measurements with the Advanced Camera for Surveys, Simona Mei, John Blakeslee, and John Tonry

The ACS Virgo Cluster Survey V: SBF calibration for giant and dwarf early-type galaxies, Simona Mei, John Blakeslee, and John Tonry

A note on gravitational Brownian motion, David Merritt

Henry Kandrup’s ideas about relaxation of stellar systems, David Merritt

Massive black hole binary evolution, David Merritt and Milos Milosavljevic

A universal density profile for dark and luminous matter?, David Merritt, Julio Navarro, and Aaron Ludlow

Loss cone refilling rates in galactic nuclei, David Merritt and Jianxiang Wang

A prototype calibration target for spectral imaging, Mahnaz Mohammadi, Mahdi Nezamabadi, and Roy Berns

X-ray imaging of planetary nebulae with Wolf-Rayet-type central stars: detection of the hot bubble in NGC 40, Rodolfo Montez, Joel Kastner, and Orsola De Marco

Spatial coherence singularities and incoherent vortex solitons, Kristian Motzek, Yuri Kivshar, and Ming-Feng Shih

BIMA millimeter wave observations of the Core-Jet and Molecular Gas in the FR I Radio Galaxy NGC 3801, Das Mousumi, Stuart Vogel, and Gijs Verdoes Kleijn

Professional certification of software engineers: The CSDP program, J. Fernando Naveda and Stephen B. Seidman

Using early data to illuminate the Pioneer anomaly, Michael Nieto and John Anderson

Directly measured limit on the interplanetary matter density from Pioneer 10 and 11, Michael Nieto, Slava Turyshev, and John Anderson

A search for molecular gas in GHz Peaked Spectrum radio sources, Christopher O'Dea, Jack Gallimore, and Carlo Stanghellini

The invariant algorithm for identification and detection of multiple gas plumes and weak releases, Erin O'Donnell, David Messinger, and Carl Salvaggio

Perceptions of diverse educators regarding ethnic-minority deaf college students, role models, and diversity, Ila Parasnis and Susan Fischer

Deaf students' attitudes toward racial/ethnic diversity, campus climate, and role models, Ila Parasnis, Vincent Samar, and Susan Fischer

Natural high vs. drug high, Bruce Pemberton

XBRL usage: A Socio-economic perspective, Robert Pinsker, Stephen Gara, and Khondkar Karim

Gas plume species identification in airborne LWIR imagery using constrained stepwise regression analyses, David Pogorzala, David Messinger, and Carl Salvaggio

Evolution of the density profiles of dark matter haloes, Darren Reed, Fabio Governato, and Licia Verde

Properties of stars in the Subaru Deep Field, Michael Richmond

Carcinogen specific dosimetry model for passive smokers of various ages, Risa Robinson

Walt Whitman’s temporary autonomous zone. , John Roche

Lessons from benchmarking environmental performance at automobile assembly plants, Sandra Rothenberg, Brian Schenck, and James Maxwell

DSP utilization in digital color printing, Eli Saber, Sohail Dianat, and Lalit Mestha

Feasibility study for a college-hotel, Neven Salamon

Megacollect 2004: hyperspectral collection experiment of terrestrial targets and backgrounds of the RIT Megascene and surrounding area (Rochester, New York), Carl Salvaggio, Lon Smith, and Emily Antoine

Spectral signature databases and their application/misapplication to modeling and exploitation of multispectral/hyperspectral data, Carl Salvaggio, Lon Smith, and Emily Antoine

Discrete wavelet transform core for image processing applications, Andreas Savakis and Richard Carbone

Evaluating deaf students' writing fairly: meaning over mode, Kathryn Schmitz and Susan Keenan

Municipal wireless: a primer for public discussion, David Shein

A polarized clutter measurement technique based on the governing equation for polarimetric remote sensing in the visible to near infrared, James II Shell and John Schott

Route robustness of a multi-meshed tree routing scheme for Internet MANETs, Nirmala Shenoy, Yin Pan, and Darren Narayan

Experimental evaluation of museum case study digital camera systems, Erin Smoyer, Lawrence Taplin, and Roy Berns

Attitude and age differences in online buying, Patricia Sorce, Victor Perotti, and Stanley Widrick

Extended emission around GPS radio sources, Carlo Stanghellini, Christopher O'Dea, and Daniele Dallacasa

Broadband nulling of a vortex phase mask, Grover Jr Swartzlander

Core collapse via coarse dynamic renormalization, Andras Szell, David Merritt, and Ioannis Kevrekidis

Practical spectral capture systems for museum imaging, Lawrence Taplin and Roy Berns

Resolving the shocks in radio galaxy nebulae: HST and radio imaging of 3C 171, 3C 277.3, and PKS 2250-41, Avanti Tilak, Christopher O'Dea, and Clive Tadhunter

Academic and practitioner interests regarding emerging technologies in accounting, Thomas Tribunella, M. Pamela Neely, and Heidi Tribunella

Emerging technologies and the future of the accounting profession, Thomas Tribunella, M. Pamela Neely, and Heidi Tribunella

Loving your students - A faculty model for today's classroom, Anthony Trippe

Data encryption performance: standalone dedicated vs. converged solutions in high speed networks, Luther Troell

Color image processing: Basics and special issue overview, H. Joel Trussell, Eli Saber, and Michael Vrhel

Iron fluorescent line emission from young stellar objects in the Orion Nebula, Masahiro Tsujimoto, Eric Feigelson, and Nicolas Grosso

Computer-related technostress in China, Qiang Tu, Kanliang Wang, and Qin Shu

Study of the Pioneer anomaly: a problem set, Slava Turyshev, John Anderson, and Michael Nieto

Deformable model for 3D intramodal nonrigid breast image registration with fiducial skin markers, Mehmet Unlu, Andrzej Krol, and Ioana Coman

Computational design and experimental testing of a novel axial flow LVAD, Alexandrina Untaroiu, Houston Wood, and Paul Allaire

Faculty leave proposal Software as a component in safety critical systems, James Vallino

Software as a component in safety-critical systems professional development leave report, James Vallino

The low end of the supermassive black hole mass function: constraining the mass of a nuclear black hole in NGC 205 via stellar kinematics, Monica Valluri, Laura Ferrarese, and David Merritt

Model of postsecondary curriculum develpment, implementation and assessment for packaging education, Thomas Voss

Color image generation and display technologies, Michael Vrhel, Eli Saber, and H. Joel Trussell

Modeling transport through single-molecule junctions, Kamil Walczak and Sergey Lyshevski

Modeling of electrooptic polymer electrical characteristics in a three-layer optical waveguide modulator, Michael Watson, Paul Ashley, and Andrew Guenthner

Optimal fleetwide emissions reductions for passenger ferries: An Application of a mixed-integer nonlinear programming model for the New York–New Jersey Harbor, James Winebrake, James Corbett, and Chengfeng Wang

Informational efficiency: An Empirical test in Asian currency crisis, Zhaohui Zhang and Khondkar Karim

Using the Matrix R method for spectral image archives, Yonghui Zhao, Lawrence Taplin, and Mahdi Nezamabadi

Documents from 2004

The generalized interpersonal theory of personality and psychopathology, G. Scott Acton

Evaluation of ten psychometric criteria for circumplex structure, G. Scott Acton and William Revelle

The gravitational instability of the vacuum: insight into the cosmological constant problem, Stephon Alexander, Manasse Mbonye, and John Moffat

Organizational determinants of IS performance- a strategic profile perspective, Charles Apigian, Bhanu Ragu-Nathan, and T.S. Ragu-Nathan

Color properties of specular reflections, Jonathan Arney, Peter Anderson, and William Pfeister

A continuous tone model of halftones, Jonathan Arney, Prashant Mehta, and Peter Anderson

A printer model that is independent of halftone algorithm (II): Modeling noise characteristics, Jonathan Arney, Ken Stephens, and Peter Anderson

Computation of the Ramsey number R(B_3, K_5), Andrey Babak, Stanislaw Radziszowski, and Kung-Kuen Tse

Comparison of basis-vector selection methods for target and background subspaces as applied to subpixel target detection, Peter Bajorski, Emmett Ientilucci, and John Schott

High-resolution slant-angle scene generation and validation of concealed targets in DIRSIG, Kris Barcomb, John Schott, and Scott Brown

Desirable properties of an unconventional population control policy, Amitrajeet Batabyal

On the links between managerial actions, keystone species, and the resilience of ecological-economic systems, Amitrajeet Batabyal

Swidden agriculture in developing countries: An Ecological-economic analysis of the fallow period and its length, Amitrajeet Batabyal and Hamid Beladi

Time restrictions in natural resource management: A Dynamic and stochastic analysis, Amitrajeet Batabyal and Hamid Beladi

Modifications of a sinarback 54 digital camera for spectral and high-accuracy colorimetric imaging: simulations and experiments, Roy Berns, Lawrence Taplin, and Mahdi Nezamabadi

Distracting or desperately needed?, Marigold Bethany