Documents from 2002

Many-to-Many Invocation: A New Framework for Building Collaborative Applications in Ad Hoc Networks, Hans-Peter Bischof and Alan Kaminsky

Elastic Ladar Modeling for Synthetic Imaging Applications, Robin R. Burton, John R. Schott, and Scott D. Brown

Fibonacci determinants, Nathan Cahill, John D’Errico, and Darren Narayan

Global IT/IS outsourcing: Expectations, considerations and implications, Qiyang Chen, Qiang Tu, and Binshan Lin

The Galactic Centre Source IRS 13E: A Post-LBV Wolf-Rayet Colliding Wind Binary?, Robert Coker, Julian Pittard, and Joel H. Kastner

Business-to-business (B2B) trade exchanges: current marketplace information flow, Jack Cook

How to successfully create and sustain a vibrant APICs student chapter, Jack Cook

Protecting privacy in today's knowledge based society, Jack Cook, Kristin Kinsella, and David Pang

Conversion of Aniline to Azobenzene at Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes: A Possible Case of a Nanodimensional Reaction, M. Croston, J. Langston, Gerald A. Takacs, Terence C. Morrill, Massoud Miri, K.S.V. Santhanam, and Pulickel Ajayan

Fotografia de barrido con camara digital improvisada, Andrew Davidhazy

Introduction to digital stroboscopic motion photography, Andrew Davidhazy

Balancing localization and globalization: exploring the impact of globalization on an opto/photonics cluster, Richard De Martino, David Reid, and Stelios Zyglidopoulos

New business creation and technology transfer at the Rochester cluster, Richard DeMartino, David Reid, and Stelios Zyglidopoulos

Speckle observations of binary stars with the WIYN Telescope. II. Relative astrometry measures during 1998-2000, Elliott P. Horch, Sarah Robinson, Reed D. Meyer, William F. van Altena, Zoran Ninkov, and Albert Piterman

Speckle Observations of Binary Stars with the WIYN Telescope. III. A Partial Survey of A, F, and G Dwarfs, Elliott P. Horch, Sarah Robinson, Zoran Ninkov, William F. van Altena, Reed D. Meyer, Sean E. Urban, and Brian D. Mason

Imaging at the National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C., Francisco Imai, Lawrence Taplin, and David Day

Comparison of the accuracy of various transformations from multi-band images to reflectance spectra, Francisco Imai, Lawrence Taplin, and Ellen Day

Many-to-Many Invocation: A New Object Oriented Paradigm for Ad Hoc Collaborative Systems, Alan Kaminsky and Hans-Peter Bischof

Many-to-many invocation: A New paradigm for ad hoc collaborative systems, Alan Kaminsky and Hans-Peter Bischof

Evidence for Accretion: High-Resolution X-Ray Spectroscopy of the Classical T Tauri Star TW Hydrae, Joel H. Kastner, David P. Huenemoerder, Norbert S. Schulz, Claude R. Canizares, and David A. Weintraub

Infrared Space Observatory Polarimetric Imaging of the Egg Nebula (RAFGL 2688), Joel H. Kastner, Jingqiang Li, Ralf Siebenmorgen, and David A. Weintraub

On the Symmetries of Extended X-Ray Emission from Planetary Nebulae, Joel Kastner, Jingqiang Li, Saku D. Vrtilek, K. M. Merrill, and Noam Soker

Objects for lexical analysis, Bernd Kuhl and Axel-Tobias Schreiner

Cochlear implants in children: ethics and choices, Harry Lang

Disability protests: contentious politics, 1970-1999, Harry Lang

Incorporation of Polarization Into the DIRSIG Synthetic Image Generation Model, Jason P. Meyers, John R. Schott, and Scott D. Brown

The 2001 Superoutburst of WZ Sagittae, Joseph Patterson, Gianluca Masi, Michael Richmond, Stacey Davis, Tracy Davis, and et al.

An Adaptive neural network for understanding website usage patterns, Victor Perotti and Raj Kiran

New Product Development (NPD) Simulations: Some Challenging Questions and Tough Modeling Issues, Victor Perotti and Thomas Pray

Integrating Visualization into the Modeling of Business Simulations, Victor Perotti and Tom F. Pray

A Computational Approach for the Ramsey Numbers R(C_4, K_n), Stanislaw Radziszowski and Kung-Kuen Tse

Data-efficient methods applied to general spectral image capture, Mitchell Rosen, Francisco Imai, and Mark Fairchild

Identity in the mobilization of the wealthy in the fight to income equity, Sandra Rothenberg and Maureen Scully

Evaluating the 1931 CIE Color-Matching Functions, Mark Shaw and Mark Fairchild

The impact of internet commerce and trade exchanges on business productivity, John Simon and Jack Cook

The u'g'r'i'z' Standard Star Setwork, J. Allyn Smith, Douglas L. Tucker, Stephen Kent, Michael Richmond, Masataka Fukugita, Takashi Ichikawa, Shin-ichi Ichikawa, Anders M. Jorgensen, Alan Uomoto, James E. Gunn, Masaru Hamabe, Alin Tolea, Arne Henden, James Annis, Jeffrey R. Pier, Timothy A. McKay, Jon Brinkmann, Bing Chen, Jon Holtzman, Kazuhiro Shimasaku, and Donald G. York

X-Ray Emission from Central Binary Systems of Planetary Nebulae, Noam Soker and Joel Kastner

Deaf individuals find hope at Hanson House, Mavis Sullivan

LvDelta is a mesoderm-inducing signal in the sea urchin embryo and can endow blastomeres with organizer-like properties, Hyla Sweet, Michael Gehring, and Charles Ettensohn

A methodology for planning distance learning courses, Anthony Trippe

Designing programming courses for ET students, Anthony Trippe

How to talk to your kids about alcohol & drugs, Diana Williams

Documents from 2001

Accounting standards in China, Ray Ball, Ashok Robin, and Joanna Wu

A C~Diffeomorphism of R^2 that has a Cantor set that is a minimal set, William Basener and Carl Lutzer

On the Choice Between the Stocking Rate and Time in Range Management, Amitrajeet A. Batabyal, Basudeb Biswas, and E. Bruce Godfrey

The Vulcan Photometer: A Dedicated Photometer for Extrasolar Planet Searches, William J. Borucki, Douglas Caldwell, David G. Koch, Larry D. Webster, Jon M. Jenkins, Zoran Ninkov, and Robert Showen

Specialized addiction treatment program at John L. Norris ATC, Lisa Butler

From raw materials to customers: Supply chain management in the service industry, Jack Cook, Kathy DeBree, and Amie Feroleto

Applications for an improvised digital streak camera, Andrew Davidhazy

Alcoholism in the family, Wendy DiMatteo

How SAISD can help the community, Wendy DiMatteo

Spectroscopic Target Selection for the Sloan Digital Sky Survey: The Luminous Red Galaxy Sample, Daniel J. Eisenstein, James Annis, James E. Gunn, Alexander S. Szalay, Andrew J. Connolly, R. C. Nichol, Neta A. Bahcall, Mariangela Barnardi, Scott Burles, Francisco J. Castander, Masataka Fukugita, David W. Hogg, Zeljko Ivezic, G. R. Knapp, Robert H. Lupton, Vijay Narayanan, Marc Postman, Daniel E. Reichart, Michael Richmond, Donald P. Schneider, David J. Schlegel, Michael A. Strauss, Mark SubbaRao, Douglas L. Tucker, Daniel Vanden Berk, Michael S. Vogeley, and Brian Yanny

College Students’ Perceptions of the C-Print Speech-to-Text Transcription System, Lisa B. Elliot, Michael Stinson, Barbara G. McKee, Victoria S. Everhart, and Pamela J. Francis

The CREF stock fund is earning 50: how well has the first equity variable served investors?, Eugene Fram and Chun-Keung Hoi

Spectral Asymptotics of the Dirichlet-To-Neumann Map on Multiply Connected Domains in R^d, Peter D. Hislop and Carl V. Lutzer

CNBC's squawk box: rocket fuel for share prices?, Chun-Keung Hoi, Jeffrey Lessard, and Ashok Robin

CCD Speckle Observations of Binary Stars from the Southern Hemisphere. III. Differential Photometry, Elliott P. Horch, Zoran Ninkov, and Otto Franz

Solar and lunar radiometric calibration, Emmett Ientilucci, John Schott, and Matthew Banta

Zr-containing 4,4'-ODA/PMDA polyimide composites parts I and II, Marvin Illingsworth, J. Betancourt, and Liling He

Infrastructure for Distributed Applications in Ad Hoc Networks of Small Mobile Wireless Devices, Alan Kaminsky

Discovery of extended X-ray emission from the planetary nebula NGC 7027 by the Chandra X-ray Observatory, Joel H. Kastner, Saeqa D. Vrtilek, and Noam Soker

Kinematics of Molecular Hydrogen Emission from Pre-Planetary Nebulae: RAFGL 2688 and RAFGL 618, Joel Kastner, David Weintraub, Ian Gatley, and LeeAnn Henn

Self-supervised texture segmentation using complementary types of features, Jiebo Luo and Andreas Savakis

The Discovery of Cepheids and a New Distance to NGC 2841 Using the Hubble Space Telescope, L. M. Macri, P. B. Stetson, G. D. Bothun, W. L. Freedman, P. M. Garnavich, S. Jha, B. F. Madore, and Michael W. Richmond

Imaging of Laser-Plasma X-ray Emission with Charge-Injection Devices, Frederic J. Marshall, Thomas Ohki, D. McInnis, Zoran Ninkov, and J. Carbone

Brownian Motion of a Massive Binary, David Merritt

A Study of the association between beta and nonpension postretirement benefit disclosures, Wayne Nix and Khondkar Karim

Addiction and denial, Bruce Pemberton

The Ramsey multiplicity of K_4, Konrad Piwakowski and Stanislaw Radziszowski

Towards the Exact Value of the Ramsey Number R(3, 3, 4), Konrad Piwakowski and Stanislaw Radziszowski

Frequency dependent effective cell volume estimation for circular disk transducers using Lommel diffraction formulation, Navalgund Rao and Di Lai

Corporate responses to climate change: The Role of internal scientists as institutional entrepreneurs, Sandra Rothenberg and David Levy

The Move to environmental services: Understanding environmental strategy through the lens of cognitive dissonance, Sandra Rothenberg and Stelios Zyglidopoulos

Comparison of field and laboratory collected midwave and longwave infrared emissivity spectra / data reduction techniques, Carl Salvaggio and Craig Miller

Methodologies and protocols for the collection of midwave and longwave infrared emissivity spectra using a portable field spectrometer, Carl Salvaggio and Craig Miller

Document Processing for Automatic Color form Dropout, Andreas E. Savakis and Christopher R. Brown

Substance abuse and deaf people, Jackie Schertz

Chandra Observations of Variable Embedded X-Ray Sources in Orion. I. Resolving the Orion Trapezium, Norbert S. Schulz, Claude Canizares, David Huenemoerder, Joel H. Kastner, S. C. Taylor, and E. J. Bergstrom

Evaluation of texture features for image segmentation, Navid Serrano, Jiebo Luo, and Andreas Savakis

The entrepreneurial aptitude of prison inmates and the potential benefit of self-employment training programs, Matthew Sonfield, Robert Lussier, and Robert Barbato

Kodak's health imaging division in Asia, Nancy Sousa, Richard DeMartino, and Stanley Widrick

The crisis in Thailand, Nancy Sousa, Richard DeMartino, and Stanley Widrick

Club drugs, Jean Spence

Achieving Mass Customization Through Modularity-Based Manufacturing Practices: A Customer-Driven Perspective, Qiang Tu, Mark Vonderembse, T. S. Ragu-Nathan, and Bhanu Ragu-Nathan

Documents from 2000

The Anytime Anyplace Degree in Information Resources and Library Science, Marianne Buehler

U.S. Federal Government CIOs: Information Technology's New Managers--Preliminary Findings, Marianne Buehler

It Takes a Library to Support Distance Learners, Marianne Buehler, Elizabeth Dopp, Kerry A. Hughes, and Jennifer Thompson

Improvised scanning digital camera, Andrew Davidhazy

The Phoenix process, Andrew Davidhazy

Observational Limits on Terrestrial-sized Inner Planets around the CM Draconis System Using the Photometric Transit Method with a Matched-Filter Algorithm, Laurance R. Doyle, Hans Deeg, Valerij Kozhevnikov, Zoran Ninkov, and et al.

Beta Induced Sparsity Algorithm, Ernest Fokoue

Code switching: American Sign Language and cued English, Peter Hauser

The effect of state anti-takeover laws on board composition, Chun-Keung Hoi, Jeffrey Lessard, and Ashok Robin

A Tool to Monitor Processes, Donald Holmes and A. Erhan Mergen

Building an acceptance chart: These handy tools can help you meet specification limits, Donald Holmes and A. Erhan Mergen

Data precision - Do you have enough?, Donald Holmes and A. Erhan Mergen

Process Performance Measures When Process Distribution is Non-Normal, Donald Holmes and A. Erhan Mergen

Should you use acceptance or modified control charts?, Donald Holmes and A. Erhan Mergen

CCD Speckle Observations of Binary Stars from the Southern Hemisphere. II. Measures from the Lowell-Tololo Telescope During 1999, Elliott P. Horch, Otto Franz, and Zoran Ninkov

Passing Money On: Equity Theory and Distribution of Money in a Will, Morton Isaacs