Documents from 2004

JML optical at the crossroads: Exploring growth and exit strategies of a family business, Richard Demartino

AOD (Alcohol and other drugs) and deaf related websites, Wendy DiMatteo

An Upper bound of 62 on the classical Ramsey number(3,3,3,3), Susan Fettes, Richard Kramer, and Stanislaw Radziszowski

Price-volume relationships and stock returns, Steven Gold

Latent-image formation in tabular AgBr grains: simulation studies, Richard Hailstone and Rene DeKeyzer

Collection of three poems: Diatribe, Proverb of Futility & Salve, Frank Hilbert

The Design of Incentive Compensation for Directors, Chun-Keung Hoi and Ashok J. Robin

A Classification of Tournaments Having an Acyclic Tournament as a Minimum Feedback Arc Set, Garth Isaak and Darren Narayan

The ACS Virgo Cluster Survey. II. Data Reduction Procedures, Andrés Jordán, John P. Blakeslee, Eric W. Peng, Simona Mei, Patrick Côté, Laura Ferrarese, John L. Tonry, David Merritt, Miloš Milosavljević, and Michael J. West

The Coronal X-Ray Spectrum of the Multiple Weak-Lined T Tauri Star System HD 98800, Joel H. Kastner, David Huenemoerder, Norbert Schulz, Claude R. Canizares, Jingqiang Li, and David A. Weintraub

Constraining the X-Ray Luminosities of Asymptotic Giant Branch Stars: TX Camelopardalis and T Cassiopeia, Joel H. Kastner and Noam Soker

The Egg Nebula (AFGL 2688): Deepening Enigma, Joel H. Kastner and Noam Soker

X-Rays from the Mira AB Binary System, Joel H. Kastner and Noam Soker

On TCP reaction to explicit congestion notification, Minseok Kwon and Sonia Fahmy

Chandra/ACIS Subpixel Event Repositioning. II. Further Refinements and Comparison between Backside and Front-side Illuminated X-ray CCDs, Jingqiang Li, Joel H. Kastner, Gregory Y. Prigozhin, Norbert S. Schulz, Eric D. Feigelson, and Konstantin V. Getman

Analysis of digital audio compression and digital rights management techniques, Eric Majewicz

Cosmology with Interacting Dark Energy, Manasse Mbonye

Possible Limits on Photon Propagation from Quantum Gravity and Space-time Foam, Manasse R. Mbonye and Fred Adams

The V1647 Orionis (IRAS 05436–0007) Protostar and Its Environment, Peregrine M. McGehee, J. Allyn Smith, Arne A. Henden, Michael Richmond, Gillian R. Knapp, Douglas P. Finkbeiner, and J. Brinkmann

Ramsey numbers for triangles versus almost-complete graphs, Brendan McKay, Konrad Piwakowski, and Stanislaw Radziszowski

Evolution of the Dark Matter Distribution at the Galactic Center, David Merritt

Consequences of Gravitational Radiation Recoil, David Merritt, Miloš Milosavljević, Marc Favata, Scott A. Hughes, and Daniel E. Holz

Core Formation by a Population of Massive Remnants, David Merritt, Slawomir Piatek, Simon Portegies Zwart, and Marc Hemsendorf

Pigment selection using Kubelka-Munk Turbid media theory and non-negative least square technique, Mahnaz Mohammadi, Mahdi Nezamabadi, and Lawrence Taplin

Ideatools Courseware Fosters Librarian-Faculty Collaboration, Joan Naturale, Simon Ting, and Pamela Conley

Identification and Detection of Gaseous Effluents from Hyperspectral Imagery Using Invariant Algorithms, Erin M. O'Donnell, David W. Messinger, Carl Salvaggio, and John Schott

Supermassive Black Holes in Active Galactic Nuclei. II. Calibration of the Black Hole Mass-Velocity Dispersion Relationship for Active Galactic Nuclei, Christopher A. Onken, Laura Ferrarese, David Merritt, Bradley M. Peterson, Richard W. Pogge, Marianne Vestergaard, and Amri Wandel

The ACS Virgo Cluster Survey. XI. The Nature of Diffuse Star Clusters in Early-Type Galaxies, Eric Peng, Patrick Côté, Andrés Jordán, John P. Blakeslee, Laura Ferrarese, Simona Mei, Michael J. West, David Merritt, Milos Milosavljević, and John L. Tonry

Surface and Buried Landmine Scene Generation and Validation Using the Digital Imaging and Remote Sensing Image Generation Model, Erin D. Peterson, Scott D. Brown, Timothy J. Hattenberger, and John R. Schott

Gas Plume Species Identification by Regression Analyses, David Pogorzala, David W. Messinger, Carl Salvaggio, and John R. Schott

N-Body Growth of a Bahcall-Wolf Cusp around a Black Hole, Miguel Preto, David Merritt, and Rainer Spurzem

Sober Camp 2004 was heart warming, Jeff Rubin

Temporal Variations in the Apparent Emissivity of Various Materials, Carl Salvaggio and David P. Miller

Performance Analysis of Improved Methodology for Incorporation of Spatial/Spectral Variability in Synthetic Hyperspectral Imagery, Neil W. Scanlan, John Schott, and Scott D. Brown

Nuclear Properties of a Sample of Nearby Spirals from STIS [Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph] Imaging, Claudia Scarlata, Massimo Stiavelli, M. A. Hughes, David Axon, A. Alonso-Herrero, J. Atkinson, D. Batcheldor, J. Binney, A. Capetti, C. M. Carollo, L. Dressel, J. Gerssen, D. Macchetto, W. Maciejewski, A. Marconi, M. Merrifield, M. Ruiz, W. Sparks, Z. Tzvetanov, and Roeland P. van der Marel

Small business case studies: Application of safety & health management systems, Jennifer Schneider

Integrated sustainability in the pharmaceutical industry, Jennifer Schneider and Thea Leonard

Benchmark report of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) and the Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP), Jennifer Schneider, Kitren VanStrander, and Joseph Brandine

Spectral data adds a new dimension to remote imaging of Earth, John Schott

Approaching the Numerical Aperture of Water - Immersion Lithography at 193nm, Bruce W. Smith, Anatoly Bourov, Yongfa Fan, Lena V. Zayvalova, Neal Vincent Lafferty, and Frank Charles Cropanese

Constructive Lower Bounds on Classical Multicolor Ramsey Numbers, Xiaodong Xu, Xie Zheng, Geoffrey Exoo, and Stanislaw Radziszowski

How well can people use different color attributes?, Hongqin Zhang and Ethan Montag

Methods of spectral reflectance reconstruction for a sinarback 54 digital camera, Yonghui Zhao, Lawrence Taplin, and Mahdi Nezamabadi

Documents from 2003

A Web-based distance-learning course in structural analysis, Abi Aghayere

The Scholarship Horizons in Engineering Technology: Choosing the Best Path, Abi Aghayere, Wiley McKinzie, Warren Hill, David Dvorak, Dale Palmgren, and Anthony Brizendine

Detections of Rovibrational H2 Emission from the Disks of T Tauri Stars, Jeffrey S. Bary, David Weintraub, and Joel Kastner

The Persistence of Ecological-Economic Systems: Alternate Measures and their Properties, Amitrajeet A. Batabyal

Aspects of Land Use in Slash and Burn Agriculture, Amitrajeet A. Batabyal and Dug Man Lee

A New Framework for Building Secure Collaborative Systems in Ad Hoc Network, Hans-Peter Bischof, Alan Kaminsky, and Joseph Binder

High-Performance Architecture for Color Error Diffusion, Christopher R. Brown and Andreas Savakis

Interactive exercises in synchronous flow and constraint management, Jack Cook

How accessible are the 50 most visited web sites?, Jack Cook, Wasener Martinez, and David Messima

The spatially averaged electric field in the near field and far field of a circular aperture, Charles Daly, Todd Nuteson, and Navalgund Rao

How instantaneous is a slaved flash?, Andrew Davidhazy

How to make a "leaf" or "book" style star tracker mount, Andrew Davidhazy

Peripheral portrait photography with improvised digital strip camera, Andrew Davidhazy

Reflected ultraviolet digital photography with improvised UV image converter, Andrew Davidhazy

Splashes, splashes and more splashes!, Andrew Davidhazy

Prevention education, Wendy DiMatteo

The Adoption of Entreprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems, John Ettlie and Victor Perotti

Hubble Space Telescope Observations of NGC 6240: A Case Study of an Ultra-Luminous Infrared Galaxy with Obscured Activity, Joris Gerssen, Roeland P. van der Marel, David Axon, J. Christopher Mihos, Lars Hernquist, and Joshua E. Barnes

A process for synthesizing bandlimited chaotic waveforms for digital signal transmission, Chance Glenn

The design of a business simulation using a system-dynamics-based approach, Steven Gold

Comparative study of spectral reflectance estimation based on broad-band imaging systems, Francisco Imai, Lawrence Taplin, and Ellen Day

New Architectures, protocols, and middleware for ad hoc collaborative computing, Alan Kaminsky and Hans-Peter Bischof

A Compact X-Ray Source and Possible X-Ray Jets within the Planetary Nebula Menzel 3, Joel H. Kastner, Bruce Balick, Eric G. Blackman, Adam Frank, Noam Soker, Saeqa D. Vrtílek, and Jingqiang Li

ROSAT X-Ray Spectral Properties of Nearby Young Associations: TW Hydrae, Tucana-Horologium, and the β Pictoris Moving Group, Joel H. Kastner, Lara Crigger, Margaret Rich, and David A. Weintraub

Minimal k-rankings and the a-rank number of a path, Victor Kostyuk, Darren Narayan, and Victoria Shults

Autonomous Field-Deployable Wildland Fire Sensors, Robert Kremens, Jason Faulring, A. Gallagher, A. Seema, and Anthony Vodacek

Refining Chandra/ACIS Subpixel Event Repositioning Using a Backside-illuminated CCD Model, Jingqiang Li, Joel Kastner, Gregory Y. Prigozhin, and Norbert S. Schulz

Strategic implications of technological innovation that is hard to sell, Stephen Luxmore and Ken Shaw

Abundance Anomalies in the X-Ray Spectra of Planetary Nebulae NGC 7027 and BD +30°3639, Holly L. Maness, Saeqa D. Vrtilek, Joel H. Kastner, and Noam Soker

Perpetual debt, predatory plastic: From the company store to the world of late fees and overlimit penalties, Robert Manning

Landsat-7 ETM+ Radiometric Stability and Absolute Calibration, Brian L. Markham, John L. Barker, Julia A. Barsi, Ed Kaita, Kurtis J. Thome, Dennis L. Helder, Frank D. Palluconi, John R. Schott, and Pat Scaramuzza

Constraints on cosmic dynamics, Manasse Mbonye

Surveys for gray whales, Eschrichtius robustus, near Cape Caution, British Columbia, summer 2003, William Megill, Lei Lani Stelle, and Becky Woodward

A Supplemental Approach to Analyzing Trade Data, A. Erhan Mergen and Marca Marie Bear

The Importance of Background in the Detection and Identification of Gas Plumes Using Emissive Infrared Hyperspectral Sensing, Herbert Mitchell, Gerard P. Jellison, David P. Miller, Carl Salvaggio, and Craig J. Miller

MWIR and LWIR Spectral Signatures of Water and Associated Materials, Herbert J. Mitchell and Carl Salvaggio

A Neural Network Approach to Key Frame Extraction, Rajesh Narasimha, Andreas Savakis, Raghuveer M. Rao, and Ricardo De Queiroz

An Upper Bound for the Representation Number of Graphs with Fixed Order, Darren Narayan

Active spectral imaging, Melissa Nischan, Rose Joseph, and Justin Libby

Consequences of alcohol and medication, Bruce Pemberton

Techniques for visualizing website usage patterns with an adaptive neural network, Victor Perotti

Deafness and chemical dependency, Jeff Rubin

X-Ray Emission from the Pre-planetary Nebula Henize 3-1475, Raghvendra Sahai, Joel H. Kastner, Adam Frank, Mark Morris, and Eric G. Blackman

Real-time video annotation using MPEG-7 motion activity descriptors, Andreas Savakis, Pawel Sniatala, and Radoslaw Rudnicki

On the equivalences of the wheel W5, the prism P and the bipyramid B5, Hossein Shahmohamad

Assessing the Impact of the Concrete Canoe and Steel Bridge Competitions on Civil Engineering Technology Students, Valerie L. Sirianni, Kerin L. Lee, Matt D. LeFevre, James W. Lindholm, Abi Aghayere, and Maureen Valentine

Magnetic Flares on Asymptotic Giant Branch Stars, Noam Soker and Joel H. Kastner

On the Luminosities and Temperatures of Extended X-Ray Emission from Planetary Nebulae, Noam Soker and Joel H. Kastner

Is it addiction?, Jean Spence

Two-Dimensional Packing in Prolate Granular Materials, Kevin Stokely, A. Diacou, and Scott Franklin

An examination of financial integration for the group of seven (G7) industrialized countries using an I(2) conintegration model, A Tahai, Robert Rutledge, and Khondkar Karim

Cigarette smoking, Diana Williams

Substance abuse prevention services for deaf & hard of hearing children, Diana Williams

Documents from 2002

Tournaments with a Transitive Subtournament as a Feedback Arc Set, Jennifer Baldwin, William Kronholm, and Darren Narayan

Detection of Molecular Hydrogen Orbiting a "Naked" T Tauri Star, Jeffrey S. Bary, David A. Weintraub, and Joel H. Kastner

A Theoretical analysis of habitat conversion and biodiversity conservation over time and under uncertainty, Amitrajeet Batabyal

On the Choice of Optimal Temporal Control in Renewable Resource Management, Amitrajeet A. Batabyal and Hamid Beladi