Documents from 2006

Wireless video telephony performance enhancements: Towards applied network engineering approach, Justin Madigan and Fei Hu

Implementation of image processing approach to translation of ASL finger-spelling to digital text, Divya Mandloi, Kanthi Sarella, and Chance Glenn

The supermassive black hole in Centaurus A: A Benchmark for gas kinematical measurements, Alessandro Marconi, Guia Pastorini, and Franco Pacini

Method to determine argon metastable number density and plasma electron temperature from spectral emission originating from four 4p argon levels, Davide Mariotti, Yoshiki Shimizu, and Takeshi Sasaki

A Daydream, Adam Merah and Gina Wilson

Mass Deficits, Stalling Radii, and the Merger Histories of Elliptical Galaxies, David Merritt

Dynamical cusp regeneration, David Merritt and Andras Szell

Detection of gaseous effluents from airborne LWIR hyperspectral imagery using physics-based signatures, David Messinger, Carl Salvaggio, and Natalie Sinisgalli

RYTSI: The Rochester Institute of Technology-Yale Tip-Tilt Speckle Imager, Reed Meyer, Elliott Horch, and Zoran Ninkov

Environmental learning: Reflections on practice, research and theory, Ronald Meyers

The ACS Virgo Cluster Survey. XIV. Analysis of Color-Magnitude Relations in Globular Cluster Systems, Steffen Mieske, Andres Jordan, and Patrick Cote

Contribution of Stellar Tidal Disruptions to the X-Ray Luminosity Function of Active Galaxies, Milos Milosavljevic, David Merritt, and Luis Ho

The Deficiencies of current data quality tools in the realm of engineering asset management, M. Pamela Neely, Shien Lin, and Jing Gao

XMM-NEWTON Detection of x-ray emission from the Compact Steep Spectrum Radio Galaxy 3C303.1, Christopher O'Dea, Bu Mu, and Diana Worral

Seminar: Art and intentions, Caitlin O'Donnell and Jesus Aguilar

Connected in a small world: Rapid integration of heterogenous biology resources, Sang P. Park, Carol X. Song, and Umut Topkara

Evaluating tone mapping algorithms for rendering non-pictorial (scientific) high-dynamic-range images, Sung Ho Park and Ethan Montag

A Parent-centered radial layout algorithm for interactive graph visualization and animation, Andrew Pavlo, Christopher Homan, and Jonathan Schull

Can I tell?, Bruce Pemberton

The ACS Virgo Cluster Survey IX: The color distributions of globular cluster systems in early-type galaxies, Eric Peng, Andres Jordan, and Patrick Cote

Color interpretation: a function of process & film, Michael Peres

Optical polarimetry of the jets of nearby radio galaxies: I. The data, Eric Perlman, Alex Padgett, and Markos Georganopoulos

Disorder-induced magnetic memory: Experiments and theories, Michael Pierce, C. Buechler, and L. Sorensen

The six facets model of technology management under conditions of rapid change: A Study in the pre-media segment of the printing industry, Sri Hemanth Prakhya and Clyde Eirikur Hull

Small Ramsey numbers, Stanislaw Radziszowski

Computation of the Ramsey number R(W5,K5), Stanislaw Radziszowski, Josh Stinehour, and Kung-Kuen Tse

New York personal income tax for part-year resident partners, Brian Rebhun and Khondkar Karim

Directives for composing aspect-oriented design class models, Y. R. Reddy, S. Ghosh, and R. B. France

Microhabitat use, home range, and movements of the alligator snapping turtle, Macrochelys temminckii, in Oklahoma, J. Daren Riedle, Paul Shipman, and Stanley Fox

Dove: Campaign for true beauty, Katherine Robert and Jeffrey Murray

The group structure bases of a foundational approach to physics, Peter Rowlands, J. Cullerne, and Brian Koberlein

Memorandum for: The President, Nicholas Snodgrass and Elizabeth Matthews

Teaching six sigma concepts in a business school curriculum, William Stevenson and A. Erhan Mergen

Nuclear spirals as feeding channels to the Supermassive Black Hole: the case of the galaxy NGC 6951, Thaisa Storchi-Bergmann, Oli Dors, and Riffel Rogemar

Modeling the spectral effects of water and soil as surface contaminants in a high resolution optical image simulation, Kristin Strackerjan, Lon Smith, and John Kerekes

Using a 2-D Simulation Program to Support Interactive Learning of 3-D Vehicle Dynamics, George Sutherland

Achromatic optical vortex lens, Grover Jr Swartzlander

Cosmological constraints from the SDSS Luminous Red Galaxies, Max Tegmark, Daniel Eisenstein, and Michael Strauss

Language and immanence in Hamann, Katie Terezakis

A geometric approach to the standard model, Greg Trayling

Absorptive capacity: Enhancing the assimilation of time-based manufacturing practices, Qiang Tu, Mark Vonderembse, and T.S. Ragu-Nathan

Atomic hydrogen in the one-sided "compact double" radio galaxy 2050+364, Rene Vermeulen, Alvaro Labiano, and Peter Barthel

On the economics of sustainability, Jeffrey Wagner

Automatic tie point selection using Laplacian of Gaussian (LoG) spatial filtering, Seth Weith-Glushko, Karl Walli, and Carl Salvaggio

A hybrid thermal video and FTIR spectrometer system for rapidly locating and characterizing gas leaks, David Williams, Winthrop Wadsworth, and Carl Salvaggio

Hypernuclear spectroscopy using the (e,e'K+) reaction, L. Yuan, M. Sarsour, and T. Miyoshi

Perceptual color scales for univariate and bivariate data display, Hongqin Zhang and Ethan Montag

Documents from 2005

The construct of internalization: conceptualization, measurement, and prediction of smoking treatment outcome, G. Scott Acton, Jeffrey Kunz, and Mark Wilson

A Simulation of composite dispatching rules, CONWIP and push lot release in semiconductor fabrication, Nizar Bahaji and Michael Kuhl

Impact of material abundances distributions on detection power in hyperspectral images, Peter Bajorski

Booming and crashing populations and Easter Island, William Basener and David Ross

Integral field spectroscopy of 23 spiral bulges, Dan Batcheldor, David Axon, and David Merritt

Hubble Space Telescope STIS spectroscopy of the Lyman-Alpha emission line in the central dominant galaxies in A426, A1795, and A2597: Constraints on clouds in the intracluster medium, Stefi Baum, Ari Laor, and Christopher O'Dea

Long-term evolution of massive black hole binaries. II. Binary evolution in low-density galaxies, Peter Berczik, David Merritt, and Rainer Spurzem

Evaluation of a modified sinar 54M digital camera at the National Gallery of Art, Washington DC during April, 2005, Roy Berns and Lawrence Taplin

A comparison of small-aperture and image-based spectrophotometry of paintings, Roy Berns, Lawrence Taplin, and Francisco Imai

High-accuracy digital imaging of cultural heritage without visual editing, Roy Berns, Lawrence Taplin, and Mahdi Nezamabadi

Spectral imaging using a commercial colour-filter array digital camera, Roy Berns, Lawrence Taplin, and Mahdi Nezamabadi

Time-dependent models for dark matter at the galactic center, Gianfranco Bertone and David Merritt

Using multispectral information to decrease the spectral artifacts in sparse-aperture imagery, Noah Block, Robert Introne, and John Schott

Product placement in film and television, Michael Bovard and Jeffrey Murray

Time-gated topographic LIDAR scene simulation, Scott Brown, Daniel Blevins, and John Schott

The evolving impact of institutional repositories, Marianne Buehler and Adwoa Boateng

Geometric Modeling of Engineered Abrasive Processes*, Andres Carrano

Comparison of radio observations and numerical simulations of the radio lobes of Cygnus A, Joel Carvalho, Ruth Daly, and Matthew Mory

The prevention extension visits RSD, Nisha Cerame

Exploring the color inconstancy of prints, Yongda Chen, Roy Berns, and Lawrence Taplin

Improving the color constancy of prints by ink design, Yongda Chen, Roy Berns, and Lawrence Taplin

The infrared-dominated jet of 3C401, Marco Chiaberge, William Sparks, and Duccio Macchetto

Lossless generalized-LSB data embedding, Mehmet Cilik, Gaurav Sharma, and Ahmet Tekalp

Performance comparison of hyperspectral target detection algorithms in altitude varying scenes, Adam Cisz and John Schott

Ethics of data mining, Jack Cook

RFID: Revolutionizing inventory management across the supply chain, Jack Cook and Laura Cook

The impact of cultural diversity on web site design, Jack Cook and Mike Finlayson

Breaking the exposure time barrier!, Andrew Davidhazy

Simple light slave synchronizers, Andrew Davidhazy

Stressed plastics by polarization, Andrew Davidhazy

String vibrations, Andrew Davidhazy

SoberCamp 2005, Wendy DiMatteo

Two clusters of galaxies with radio-quiet cooling cores, Megan Donahue, G. Mark Voit, and Christopher O’Dea

Detection of the Baryon Acoustic Peak in the large-scale correlation function of SDSS luminous red galaxies, Daniel Eisenstein, Idit Zehavi, and David Hogg

Air bubble-induced light-scattering effect on image quality in 193 nm immersion lithography, Yongfa Fan, Neal Lafferty, and Anatoly Bourov

Analysis of observer and cultural variability while generating "preferred" color reproductions of pictorial images, Scot Fernandez, Mark Fairchild, and Karen Braun

Massive stars in the SGR 1806-20 cluster, Donald Figer, Francisco Najarro, and Thomas Geballe

An optical-IR jet in 3C 133, David Floyd, Robert Laing, and Marco Chiaberge

Optical vortex coronagraph, Gregory Foo, David Palacios, and Grover Swartzlander Jr

A survey of kiloparsec-scale radio outflows in radio-quiet active galactic nuclei, Jack Gallimore, David Axon, and Christopher O'Dea

The Benefits of XML implementation for tax filing and compliance, Stephen Gara, Khondkar Karim, and Robert Pinsker

Chandra Orion Ultradeep Project: Observations and source lists, Konstantin Getman, Ettore Flaccomio, and Patrick Broos

Enhanced X-ray variability from V1647 Ori, the young star in outburst illuminating McNeil's Nebula, Nicolas Grosso, Joel Kastner, and Hideki Ozawa

Considerable haplotype diversity within the 23kb encompassing the ADH7 gene., Yi Han, Hiroki Oota, and Michael Osier

The ACS Virgo cluster survey. VII. Resolving the connection between globular clusters and ultra-compact dwarf galaxies, Monica Hasegan, Andres Jordan, and Patrick Cote

The Complexity of computing the size of an interval, Lane Hemaspaandra, Christopher Homan, and Sven Kosub

Effect of multivariate process instability on principle component analysis: A Case study, Donald Holmes and A. Erhan Mergen

Nuclear properties of nearby spiral galaxies from Hubble Space Telescope NICMOS imaging and STIS [Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph] spectroscopy, M. Hughes, David Axon, and John Atkinson

Target detection in a structured background environment using an infeasibility metric in an invariant space, Emmett Ientilucci and John Schott

Adaptive multilevel median filtering of image sequences, Shawn Jackson and Andreas Savakis

Size matters: the influence of viewing distance on perceived spatial frequency and contrast, Garrett Johnson and Ethan Montag

The ACS Virgo Cluster Survey X. half-light radii of Globular Clusters in Early-Type Galaxies: environmental dependencies and a standard ruler for distance estimation authors:, Andres Jordan, Patrick Cote, and John Blakeslee

Solving an MRI spin relaxometry problem with parallel computing, Alan Kaminsky and Luke McOmber