Documents from 2006

Lossless compression of color palette images with one-dimensional techniques, Ziya Arnavut and Ferat Sahin

Analysis of paper gloss, Jonathan Arney, Ling Ye, and Jiff Wible

My WorkSphere: Integrative work environment for grid-unaware biomedical researchers and applications, Peter W. Arzberger, Zhaohui Ding, and Wilfred W. Li

Secure federated light-weight web portals for FusionGrid, D. Aswath, M. Goode, and N.Y. Kim

A PERMIS-based authorization solution between portlets and back-end web services, Sofia Brenes Barahona, Geoffrey Fox, and Kianosh Huffman

Twisted solenoids and maps of R2 whose minimal sets are cantor sets, William Basener and Carl Lutzer

A Stackelberg game model of trade in renewable resources with competitive sellers, Amitrajeet Batabyal and Hamid Beladi

Techniques for fusion of multimodal images: Application to breast imaging, Karl Baum, Maria Helguera, and Joseph Hornak

Genetic algorithm automated generation of multivariate color tables for visualization of multimodal medical data sets, Karl Baum, Maria Helguera, and Andrzej Krol

Efficient merger of Binary Supermassive Black Holes in Non-Axisymmetric Galaxies, Peter Berczik, David Merritt, and Rainer Spurzem

Extending grid protocols onto the desktop using the Mozilla framework, Karan Bhatia, Daniel Catarino, and Brent Stearn

Clues from Darwin, Morgan Bida and Lisa Hermsen

Real-time storm surge ensemble modeling in a grid environment, Brian O. Blanton, Howard M. Lander, and Richard A. Luettich

TeraGrid user portal v1.0: Architecture, design, and technologies, Jay Boisseau, Maytal Dahan, and Eric Roberts

An Integer programming approach to the construction of trend-free experimental plans on split-plot designs, Andres Carrano, Brian Thorn, and Guillermo Lopez

Science gateways on the TeraGrid: A survey of issues for deployment of community gateway interfaces to shared high-end computing resources, Charlie Catlett, Sebastien Goasguen, and Jim Marsteller

CoaxSim grid: Building an application portal for a CFD model, Jung-hyun Cho, Joshi Fullop, and Byoung-Do Kim

Computing the Folkman number F_v(2,2,3;4), Jonathan Coles and Stanislaw Radziszowski

The ACS Virgo Cluster Survey. VIII. the nuclei of Early-Type Galaxies, Patrick Cote, Slawomir Piatek, and Laura Ferrarese

A different approach to panoramic photography, Andrew Davidhazy

An overview of high speed photographic imaging, Andrew Davidhazy

Applications of slow and fast streak recording cameras, Andrew Davidhazy

A special effects photography course in the School of Photographic Arts and Sciences at RIT, Andrew Davidhazy

Basics of strip enlargers, Andrew Davidhazy

Basics of strip photography, Andrew Davidhazy

Bracket for strip photography, Andrew Davidhazy

Calibrating your shutters, Andrew Davidhazy

Calibrating your shutters with TV set and turntable. , Andrew Davidhazy

Camera for photofinish photography at racetracks, Andrew Davidhazy

Demonstration quality scanning digital camera, Andrew Davidhazy

High speed photography, Andrew Davidhazy

Improved rewound film retriever, Andrew Davidhazy

Infrared photography examples, Andrew Davidhazy

Instant strip photography, Andrew Davidhazy

Introduction to shadowgraph and schlieren imaging, Andrew Davidhazy

Making an improvised infrared transmitting filter, Andrew Davidhazy

Peripheral portrait photography with improvised digital strip camera, Andrew Davidhazy

Photographic scanning, or "strip" photography, with a Polaroid camera, Andrew Davidhazy

Photographing barnswallows in free flight, Andrew Davidhazy

Photographing wasps in free flight, Andrew Davidhazy

Photoinstrumentation on the range: A Laboratory simulation for postsecondary education, Andrew Davidhazy

Polaroid Type 667 and an alternative Sabattier technique, Andrew Davidhazy

Principles of technical photography and photoinstrumentation, Andrew Davidhazy

Slit-scan photography, Andrew Davidhazy

...Some ideas related to playing with a couple of mirrors, Andrew Davidhazy

Special effects photography, Andrew Davidhazy

Synchroballistic photography, Andrew Davidhazy

Tailflash synchronizers for action photography, Andrew Davidhazy

The making of a "new" multipurpose stereo camera, Andrew Davidhazy

Ultraviolet and infrared photography summarized, Andrew Davidhazy

Undercover 35, Andrew Davidhazy

An Analysis of economic cost minimization and biological invasion damage control using the AWQ Criterion, Gregory DeAngelo, Amitrajeet Batabyal, and Seshavadhani Kumar

Kickstarting remote applications, Ewa Deelman, Gaurang Metha, and Jens-S. Vöckler

XBRL in the accounting curriculum: A Survey of AIS faculty, A. Deshmukh, Khondkar Karim, and Jeffrey Romine

Borohydride fuel cell with multiwalled carbon nanotubes for improved performance, Kedar Deshmukh and K.S.V. Santhanam

SE2004: Recommendations for undergraduate software engineering curricula, Jorge Diaz-Herrera, Thomas Hilburn, and Richard LeBlanc Jr.

Quit the sticks in 2006, Wendy DiMatteo

Demonstrating the validity of a wildfire DDDAS, Craig Douglas, Jonathan Beezley, and Janice Coen

The 150 hour requirement: Perceived impact on quality and image of the profession, William Dresnack and Jeffrey Strieter

TASS Mark IV Photometric Survey of the northern sky, Thomas Droege, Michael Richmond, and Michael Sallman

Deaf people and World War II, Patricia Durr

De'VIA: Investigating deaf visual art, Patricia Durr

Designing grid tag libraries and grid beans, Gordon Erlebacher, Geoffrey C. Fox, and Mehmet A. Nacar

Templates for Innovation: A comment on Mumford, Bedell and Hunter (2005), John Ettlie

Technology-based new product development partnerships, John Ettlie and Paul Pavlou

Workflow-level parameter study management in multi-grid environments by the P-GRADE grid portal, Zoltan Farkas, Hermann Gabor, and Peter Kacsuk

Streaming motions towards the supermassive black hole in NGC 1097, Kambiz Fathi, Thaisa Storchi-Bergmann, and Rogemar Riffel

An FIO calculus for marine seismic imaging: folds and cross caps, Raluca Felea and Allan Greenleaf

A fundamental relation between Compact Stellar Nuclei, Supermassive Black Holes, and their Host Galaxies, Laura Ferrarese, Patrick Cote, and Elena Bonta

The ACS Virgo Cluster Survey. VI. Isophotal Analysis and the Structure of Early-Type Galaxies, Laura Ferrarese, Patrick Cote, and Andres Jordan

Tacit knowledge transfer and the knowledge disconnect, Ted Foos, Gary Schum, and Sandra Rothenberg

The Gender of a College of Science laboratory bench, Lauren Ford and Deborah Blizzard

Preparation of technical reports, Ronald Francis

Sensitivity of contact electronic throttle control sensor to control system variation, Robert Garrick

X-rays from HH210 in the Orion nebula, Nicolas Grosso, Eric Feigelson, and Konstantin Getman

Portal-based support for mental health research, Michael Hannaford, Frans Henskens, and Patrick Johnston

Performance analysis of direct N-body algorithms on special-purpose supercomputers, Stefan Harfst, Alessia Gualandris, and David Merritt

Medical imaging and what lies ahead, María Helguera

The mind and creations of Adolf Wolfti, Kara Howard and David Kaiser

The integration of ad hoc sensor and cellular networks for multi-class data transmission, Fei Hu and Sunil Kumar

Priority-determined multiclass handoff scheme with guaranteed mobile QoS in wireless multimedia networks, Fei Hu and Neeraj Sharma

Mobile telemedicine sensor networks with low-energy data query and network lifetime considerations, Fei Hu, Yu Wang, and Hongyi Wu

Digital entrepreneurship, Clyde Hull, Yu-Ting Hung, and Neil Hair

Innovation in non-profit and For-profit organizations: visionary, strategic, and financial considerations, Clyde Hull and Brian Lio

Reexamining media capacity theories using workplace instant messaging, Yu-Ting Caisy Hung, Wei-Chang Kong, and Ai-Ling Chua

Physics based target detection using a hybrid algorithm with an infeasibility metric, Emmett Ientilucci and John Schott

Trends in the Globular Cluster Luminosity Function of Early-Type Galaxies, Andres Jordan, Dean McLaughlin, and Patrick Cote

V1647 Ori: The X-ray evolution of a Pre-main Sequence Accretion Burst, Joel Kastner, Michael Richmond, and Nicolas Grosso

Eruptive young stellar object in Ldn 1415, Joel Kastner, M. Richmond, and T. Simon

Theoretical isochrones with extinction in the K band. II. J - K versus K, Sungsoo Kim, Donald Figer, and Myung Gyoon Lee

XBRL Cost-benefit analysis: In Theory and application, Phillip Kloeden

XBRL: Origins, implementation and acceptance, Phillip Kloeden

Massive star formation in the central regions of spiral galaxies, Johan Knapen, Lisa Mazzuca, and Torsten Böker

Minimal rankings and the a-rank number of a path, Victor Kostyuk, Darren Narayan, and Victoria Shults

Iterative finite element deformable model for nonrigid coregistration of multimodal breast images, Andrzej Krol, Mehmet Unlu, and Alphonso Magri

25 years of microelectronic engineering education, Santosh Kurinec, Lynn Fuller, and Bruce Smith

HI absorption in 3C 49 and 3C 268.3. Probing the environment of Compact Steep Spectrum and GHz Peaked Spectrum sources, Alvaro Labiano, Rene Vermeulen, and Peter Barthel

The application of the TALC model: a literature survey, Rick Lagiewski

Experimental verification of an optical vortex coronagraph, Jae Lee, Gregory Foo, and Eric Johnson

Microhand for biological applications, Yen-Wen Lu and Chang-Jin Kim