Documents from 2011

Impact of technostress on end-user satisfaction and performance, Monideepa Tarafdar, Qiang Tu, and T. Ragu-Nathan

Sophism and moral agnosticism, or, How to tell a relativist from a pluralist, Lawrence Torcello

The Relationship of integration and automation under an uncertain environment: A SEM model, Qiang Tu, Kun Liao, and Yulong Li

Programmer's guide to the Recognition Strategy Language (RSL), Richard Zanibbi

Documents from 2010

When Leadership Goes Unnoticed: The Moderating Role of Follower Self-Esteem on the Relationship Between Ethical Leadership and Follower Behavior, James B. Avey, Michael E. Palanski, and Fred O. Walumbwa

When leadership goes unnoticed: The Moderating role of follower self-esteem on the relationship between ethical leadership and follower behavior, James Avey, Michael Palanski, and Fred Walumwa

The Effect of client industry structure on client prference for privacy and auditor concentration, R. Mithu Dey

Stable radial basis function selection via mixture modelling of the sample path, Ernest Fokoue

Marketing professionals' perceptions of personally branded wesites, Neil Hair and Christopher Adams

Moving away from programming and towards computer science in the CS first year, James Heliotis and Richard Zanibbi

What if the Prius Wasn't a Hybrid? What if the Corolla Were? An Analysis Based on Vehicle Limited Fuel Consumption and Powertrain and Braking Efficiency, Clark Hochgraf and Mike Duoba

Agency conflicts, controlling owner proximity, and firm value: An Analysis of dual-class firms in the United States, Chun-Keung Hoi and Ashok Robin

Labor market consequences of accounting fraud, Chun-Keung Hoi and Ashok Robin

The Role of modularity and integration in enhancing manufacturing performance: An absorptive capacity perspective, Kun Liao, Qiang Tu, and Erika Marsillac

Externalities and the six facets model of technology management: Genetically modified organisms, Stephen Luxmore and Clyde Hull

Assessment of Acceptance Sampling Plans Using Posterior Distribution for a Dependent Process, A. Erhan Mergen and Z. Seyda Deligonul

Team virtues and performance: An Examination of transparency, behavioral integrity, and trust, Michael Palanski, Kahai Surinder, and Francis Yammarino

Computer forensics technologies for personally identifiable information detection and audits, Yin Pan, Bill Stackpole, and Luther Troell

Soul & Form Afterword, Katie Terezakis

Documents from 2009

A Counterpart to the radial-orbit instability in triaxial stellar systems, Fabio Antonini, Roberto Capuzzo-Dolcetta, and David Merritt

Challenges in incorporatins sustainability into product development: An Exploratory study, S. Athalye, S. Govindarajan, and C. Lopez

High-accuracy near-infrared imaging polarimetry with NICMOS, Daniel Batcheldor, G. Schneider, and D.C. Hines

High accuracy imaging polarimetry, D Batcheldor, G. Schneider, and D. C. Hinees

Evaluating the impact of blade server and virtualization software technologies on the RIT Datacenter, Christopher Butler

Comparison of numerical and Post-Newtonian waveforms for generic precessing black-hole binaries, Manuela Campanelli, Carlos Lousto, and Hiroyuki Nakano

On the approximability of Dodgson and Young elections, Ioannis Caragiannis, Jason Covey, and Michal Feldman

Effect of the 2007 heavy-duty highway rule on pH levels of surface waters in New York state, Bryan Comer

The Entrepreneurial motivations of nonemployer entrepreneurs, Richard DeMartino, Robert Barbato, and Paul Jacques

Fostering Employee Engagement, Donna Dickson, Barry Keesan, and Amy Shaver

Is visual selective attention in deaf individuals enhanced or deficient? The Case of useful field of view, Matthew Dye, Peter Hauser, and Daphne Bavelier

Bayesian computation of the intrinsic structure of factor analytic models, Ernest Fokoue

Fully Bayesian analysis of the relevance vector machine with consistency inducing priors, Ernest Fokoue, Dongchu Sun, and Prem Goel

Identification of an rsh gene from a novosphingobium sp. necessary for quorum-sensing signal accumulation, Han Ming Gan, Larry Buckley, and Erno Szegedi

Public finance in legalized gambling, Benjamin Gardner

Ride a plane, or ride a cowboy, Andrew Hayworth

The War on drugs, David Jakubiec, Andrew Kilcer, and William Sager

Behavior-Based covert channel in cyberspace, Daryl Johnson, Peter Lutz, and Bo Yuan

Single block attacks and statistical tests on CubeHash, Alan Kaminsky and Benjamin Bloom

The Dangers of must see TV, Abigail Koehler

Strategic predictors of successful enterprise system deployment, Kai Larsen

Plasma-driven self-organization of Ni nanodot arrays on Si(100), I. Levchenko, K. Ostrikov, and K. Diwan

A Mechanism of transferring manufacturing competences to increase market performance, Kun Liao, Ying Liao, and Qiang Tu

Counting triangles in some Ramsey graphs, Andrew Lin and John Mackey

Regular second order perturbations of binary black holes: The Extreme mass ratio regime, Carlos Lousto and Hiroyuki Nakano

Modeling gravitational recoil from precessing highly-spinning unequal-mass black-hole binaries, Carlos Lousto and Yosef Zlochower

Quorum-sensing signal production byAgrobacteriumvitis strains and their tumor-inducing and tartrate-catabolic plasmids, Nathanial Lowe, Han Ming Gan, and Vandana Chakravartty

Family-member and non-family-member managers in family firms: Adding a seventh country to the international database - Kosovo, Robert Lussier, Matthew Sonfield, and Robert Barbato

Atmospheric-microplasma-assisted nanofabrication: Metal and metal–oxide nanostructures and nanoarchitectures, Davide Mariotti, Arumugam Chandra Bose, and Kostya Ostrikov

Atmospheric-microplasma-assisted nanofabrication: Metal and metal-oxide nanostructures and nanoarchitectures, Davide Mariotti, Arumugam Bose, and Kostya Ostrikov

Finding Linwood, Tovah Martin and Carol Whitlock

Evolution of nuclear star clusters, David Merritt

Explaining the orbits of the galactic center s-stars, David Merritt and Alessia Gualandris

Serendipitous XMM-Newton detection of x-ray emission from the bipolar planetary Nebula Hb 5, Rodolfo Montez, Joel Kastner, and Bruce Balick

Narrow radiative recombination continua: A Signature of ions crossing the contact discontinuity of astrophysical shocks, Raanan Nordon, Ehud Behar, and Noam Soker

Financial restatments, cost of debt and information spillover: Evidence from the secondary loan market, Jong Park and Qiang Wu

Entrepreneurs should look for angels who are coaches, Ashok Rao

In a tough climate, who'll fund high-tech startups?, Ashok Rao

Look for the next 'killer app' from partner with RIT, UR, Ashok Rao

Many local organizations are 'greening' the economy, Ashok Rao

Superior service will bring customers back, Ashok Rao

Taking creativity beyond art to entrepreneurship, Ashok Rao

Ventures need to draw on entrepreneurial salespeople, Ashok Rao

Why seek forgiveness? Using expectancy, instrumentality, and valence theory, Deborah Runke

Visual realism and Walker Evans, Adam Ryan

The role of teachers in the academic English literacy acquisition experiences of deaf college students, Kathryn L. Schmitz

The nuclear star cluster of the Milky Way: Proper motions and mass, Rainer Schodel, David Merritt, and Andreas Eckart

Writing portfolio, Delavan Smith

Personalization: Data-driven print and internet communications, Patricia Sorce

Alternative approach for teaching multibody dynamics, George Sutherland

Optical vortex vectographs, Grover Swartzlander, Arvind Marathay, and Jennifer Harwell

Does perceptual acuity matter? - An investigation of entrepreneurial orientation, perceptual acuity, and firm performance, Zhi Tang and Sandra Rothenberg

Engaging Agnes Heller: Introduction, Katie Terezakis

To Agnes Heller: An Open letter on philosophy and the real problem of woman, Katie Terezakis

An Improvement to Mathon’s Cyclotomic Ramsey Colorings, Xiaodong Xu and Stanislaw Radziszowski

Bounds on some Ramsey numbers involving quadrilateral, Xiaodong Xu, Zehui Shao, and Stanislaw Radziszowski

ICMP convert channel resiliency, Bo Yuan, Daryl Johnson, and Kristian Stokes

The X-ray spectrum of a planetary nebula at high resolution: Chandra gratings spectroscopy of BD+30 3639, Young Sam Yu, Raanan Nordon, and Joel Kastner

Identifying Layout Classes for Mathematical Symbols Using Layout Context, Richard Zanibbi and Ling Ouyang

Documents from 2008

Plane decompositions as tools for approximation, Melanie Agnew and Christopher Homan

HST NIR Snapshot survey of 3CR radio source counterparts II: An atlas and inventory of the Host Galaxies, Mergers and Companions, David Axon, Stefi Baum, and Alessandro Capetti

Implementation of standard testbeds for numerical relativity, M.C. Babiuc, S Husa, and D Alic

Quiescent H2 emission from pre-main sequence stars in Chamaeleon I, Jeffrey S. Bary, David A. Weintraub, and Sonali J. Shukla

Optimal resource management in the presence of a deleterious alien species: A Stochastic model for an orchard, Amitrajeet Batabyal and Peter Nijkamp

The M - sigma project, D Batcheldor

The M. - σ* Project, Daniel Batcheldor

High accuracy imaging polarimetry with NICMOS, Daniel Batcheldor, G. Schneider, and D.C. Hines

Leveraging multiple imaging modalities to improve breast cancer detection, diagnosis, and management, Karl Baum

Design of a multiple component geometric breast phantom, Karl Baum, Kevin McNamara, and María Helguera

Binary black hole merger in galactic nuclei: Post-newtonian simulations, Ingo Bergentzen, Miguel Preto, and Peter Berczik

Close encounters of three black holes, Manuela Campanelli

Algebraic classification of numerical spacetimes and black-hole-binary remnants, Manuela Campanelli, Carlos Lousto, and Yosef Zlochower

The Hubble Space Telecope advanced camera for surveys Coma Cluster survey: I - survey objectives and design, David Carter, Paul Goudfrooij, and Bahram Mobasher

Non-negative matrix factorization for semi-supervised data clustering, Yanhua Chen, Manjeet Rege, and Ming Dong

Reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide: Oceans provide a huge opportunity for sequestration, Jules Chiavaroli

Wind as a sustainable energy source in australia, Jules Chiavaroli

Emissions tradeoffs among alternative marine fuels: Total fuel cycle analysis of residual oil, marine gas oil, and marine diesel oil, James Corbett and James Winebrake

Extra-large remnant recoil velocities and spins from near-extremal-bowen-york-spin black-hole binaries, Sergio Dain, Carlos Lousto, and Yosef Zlochower

Shared-sensing and control using reversible transducers, Tuhin Das and Ranjan Mukherjee

Bad timing?, Andrew Davidhazy

Canon Digital Rebel vs. Fuji IS-1 infrarecapd able camera, Andrew Davidhazy